Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First Appointment – 10 weeks 3 days

BP: 126/68 Weight: 211

Pretty uneventful. A little disappointing, even, maybe. After a trip to Panera for a bagel for breakfast, Britt and I got to the Doctor’s office right before my appointment time. The receptionist checked me in, and gave me my little cup to go pee in. After a short wait in the lobby, we were ushered back to the exam room. The nurse briefly went over a few things, and gave me the disrobing speech. The Doctor was in quickly. After some chatting with him about medical and personal things, we were about to start the pelvic exam when my phone rang. It was Emma (and Lara). Emma called to tell me that she threw up on the plane to Montana. She is fine – but that was a funny call to have while sitting in a paper drape at the OB/GYN.

The Doctor proceeded with my pelvic exam and asked if I had any questions about anything. We asked about pre-natal vitamins, and he just said to use OTC ones that had folic acid – which I am, so I will just keep using what I have. He also said that he feels a sonogram this early in the pregnancy is a NECESSITY in order to assure the baby is in the right place, has a beating heart, etc etc etc. And he told us he believes in it SO strongly, that he pays for the first sonogram! So, even though we didn’t even attempt to hear the baby with a Doppler today (Which is why I was disappointed) we have an appointment for a sonogram at 11:30 tomorrow. I can’t WAIT! Everyone keeps asking us if there is just one baby or if there are two. Still waiting to find that out ourselves!

After the appointment, we drove to Oklahoma City and spent the whole day shopping. We even registered for a few baby things at Target and Babies R Us. We had a fun lunch together, and just enjoyed the day as a couple. I even bought my first baby purchase! A super soft and sweet green, yellow and white chenille blanket from BRU. More tomorrow after the sonogram!

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