Monday, July 24, 2006

Made it to 12 weeks!

I am feeling SO much better! I am not as tired as I was there for so long, and I don't feel like I am going to throw up all day long. YAY! I do have some "Preggie Drops" that I keep in my purse, and they have been a life saver a couple of times this week. I still feel nauseous if I get too hungry, so I suck on one of those and I feel MUCH better.

I am just glad to be here at the 12 week mark! I go back to the Doctor in 2 weeks. Britt asked me last night when our next appointment was, and I told him not till mid-August (I couln't remember the date, but it is the 8th), and he was sad. he said he wanted to go NOW! LOL! We are hoping we keep another peek at our little bullet!

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