Sunday, September 3, 2006

Good news and Bad news

POKES WIN! The OSU Cowboys strolled right by Missouri State Bears last night in their season opener. The final score was 52-10, and Britt and I had a really fun time. Emma and Lara stayed home with Nana and Grandpa, but we hope to get them to a game soon. Britt and I went out to check out the tailgaters at half time, and I found a booth where they were selling orange maternity shirts! We are supposed to wear orange on Fridays and Orange to games, but I have had a heck of a time finding Mommy shirts in orange! So tried it on and never took it off! LOL!

I got a voice mail late Friday evening from the sonogram tech at my Dr.’s office, and she is not going to be in on Tuesday. BUMMER! (Some days I hate cell phones – it never rang, and no missed call was registered – just a new voice mail out of the blue!) She told me on the message to call to reschedule, so I called right back, but it was after hours, so who knows when I will get called back. I also have a Dr’s appt on Tuesday (right before the sono appointment), so of course I will go to that. I was just ready to get a DVD of the baby to show Emma and Lara! I hope we get rescheduled for sometime in the next week. I hate to wait!

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