Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Appointment – 26 weeks 2 days

BP: 120/71 Weight: 228 (+7)

Went back to the doctor today! We put the surgery “on the books,” so Baby Jake’s official due date is now January 25, 2007! We are SO excited!

The visit was pretty uneventful. I had to drink the gross orange stuff before I went in, and it was as gross as I expected! LOL! I shuttered every time I took a sip! But, when I got there, they took me to the lab (after my potty stop), and luckily she found a vein (in my hand) pretty easily. I hate it when they use my hand, but it’s better than poking my arm 100 times! And HOURS later, my hand still hurts! I don’t know the results of the gestational diabetes test – they will call me tomorrow.

We asked about the flu shot (I need to get one) and about traveling should our team make a bowl (I have the green light through the end of December), and the rest of the visit was routine. Everything is good! He measured my fundus, but we were so busy chatting, I forgot to even ask what he came up with! I wish I hadn’t missed that!

Keeping my fingers crossed for no Gestational Diabetes! I go back in 4 weeks.

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