Friday, October 27, 2006

Baby Jake in 3D/4D

We had our high tech ultrasound yesterday! It was really cool! Not QUITE as detailed as I had hoped, but it was FREE! LOL! And Baby Jake was not as cooperative as we had wanted. He was facing ALL the wrong ways! He moved around a lot, but never to the RIGHT spot! LOL! So, we got a few decent profile shots:

Then, we got two fun videos as well. One of them, he is kneeing himself in the FACE! It is just priceless! He sure is limber!

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And this one he is just hanging out in the womb - doing what babies do best:

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It was a really fun day. Britt and I were talking last night that we might pay to go have it done again a little later in the pregnancy. They like for you to be about 30-32 weeks, so I was a little early. We'll see!

As always, you can see bigger pictures on my Baby Bullet Photo Album. New pics are at the bottom of the page!

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