Monday, October 9, 2006

Did I mention it was my birthday yesterday?

Yes, it was. 32. Britt and I are back to being 10 years apart again - after 2 months of being 11 years apart! LOL!

It was a very fun weekend! On Saturday, we traveled to an away football game with many fans from OSU. It was a long trip. On a bus. In Kansas. And we lost the game. But, it was fun to get away. On Sunday - I got to open presents with many different people, then several of my friends took me out for dinner for my birthday. Click on this picture of Britt and I to find pictures of the road trip and of the super fun birthday dinner.

As for Jake, he is keeping me busy! I was awake for a long time Saturday night waiting for him to stop kicking, then Sunday I guess he thought I overdid it a bit this weekend as I had a slight fevel when we left for dinner. A good nights rest lat night, and today was much better. Off to get more sleep now!

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