Friday, November 10, 2006

January 25, 2007 7:30am

Baby Jake will be joining us!

I just got a call from my OB's office, and they have scheduled the surgery with the hospital. I knew the date, but I had no idea on the time. This is all very exciting! 76 more days!

I have had a long week - just been very emotional and stressed. Had some things said to me that didn't sit too well, and been thinking about "all the things" I (we) need to "do" to be ready for this baby, and it has just been a little overwhelming. This is also the busiest 2 months for my job, so I am starting to freak out a little about that as well - no free weekends until the baby is born. SCARY! But, I know I have lots of love and support around me, and I know we will get it all done. It just seems so SOON!

We can't wait to meet Jacob Alan Weaver!

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