Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Appointment - 32 weeks 2 days

BP: 124/70
Weight: 236 (+5)

Another short and sweet visit to the OB! I like these first thing in the morning appointments! We got there on time, had to wait a little bit, but then went right back for the vitals. My BP was down for the last couple of times! That was GREAT news! Urine is fine, weight gain, although pretty significant, is good!

When the Doctor came in, we got to hear the glorious sound of Jake's beautiful heartbeat! It sounded strong and fast - just like we like it! Fundus is right on track, no major swelling, the Doctor is confident to let me travel to Shreveport, Louisiana with my work for Bowl Week in 2 weeks! We are going to roll over the Tide of Alabama with a good, old fashioned Cowboy kickin'!

My doctor did say I need to have my BP checked on Thursday before we leave on Friday, then to have it checked periodically when I am down there. I am scheduled to have a holiday lunch at Britt's clinic on Thursday, so I will have a nurse check it at that lunch, then I will be sure to go into the Training Room every other day or so while we are down in Shreveport. Sure is nice to have all those people in my corner! There is a team doctor on my trip (as well as 2 other late term pregnancies), and heck - babies are born in Shreveport every day! We would just come home with a little Cajun Baby! LOL!

I should go back to see my doctor in 2 weeks, but that's when we will be down there, so my next appointment is in THREE weeks - January 2, 2007! WOW! Then, it's just 3 weeks from then till we get to hold our new bundle of joy! WHEW!

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