Monday, January 22, 2007

Appointment - 38 weeks 1 day

BP: 132/72
Weight: 240 (-1)

Another short and sweet visit! All was well with all my vitals and other statistics. Even lost a pound! LOL!

Once the nurse was done with her tasks, the Dr. came in and we listened to the baby’s heartbeat, he measured me, then it was on to questions about Thursday! Sounds like we should meet our boy about 8:00am! We were just asking about time line and visitors and how this all goes down. It all is getting so close and so REAL now! We think we have everything all lined up for Thursday! My mom is keeping the girls Wednesday night, and they will be up at the hospital before I go back, so it should be cool for them as well!

Tomorrow we go to the hospital to fill out paperwork and do the “pre-op” visit. When I leave my office for that visit, I will not be back to work until my leave is over! Britt and I are both taking Wednesday off to relax and prepare. YAY!

While we were checking out, they had me schedule my 2 week post-partum visit. WOW! That seemed a little surreal… But, I am sure this will all feel real on Thursday!

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  1. Good Luck Betsey. I can't wait to see your new bundle of joy.