Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our last Lazy Saturday for awhile...

It's just a lazy day. The girls and Britt got up before I did, and we had a somewhat productive morning. Britt made cinnamon rolls for us for breakfast, and he went off to clean the 2 bathrooms. After us girls ate, Emma and Lara got dressed in Orange to go to the women's basketball game with Britt. While they were gone, I mopped all the hard surface floors in the house, and cleaned the fabric softener dispenser and agitator in the washer. SO EXCITING! It was nice to have the quiet house to get those things done, but I was sure glad to see them when they got back! We ate a quick lunch, then all ended up napping! It is snowing and raining and just grey and BLAH here today, so it has been nice! Everyone is up now, just hanging out!

So, I thought I would share a few of the pictures from Jake's room last week. We finished all the big stuff in there and took some new pictures. Here are some of the ones that really show off what we have done:

So, that's the room we will be bringing Jake home to in just a few days! As far as the pregnancy is going, things are great. Jake is a hiccupper! He has had them at least 2x a day for the past few days! And he is still moving around like CRAZY! I am really tired. I was supposed to work today, but because of the weather, and the fact that I am just WORN OUT, I pawned my duties out on other people. I am working all day Monday (we have a Dr's appointment that morning), then most of the day Tuesday until I go to my hospital pre-op appointment later in the afternoon. When I leave work for that, my maternity leave will have officially started! Britt and I are taking Wednesday for ourselves! YAY!

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  1. Three days! I can hardly believe it! The room looks great! Hoping everything goes according to plan!