Friday, January 21, 2011

We’re getting close to the end

3 more days! Unfortunately for me, 2 of those are weekend days. And one of those weekend days is my son’s 4th birthday party. SHESSH! Talk about a challenge! But, I am raising the bar for these last few days. I have been trying to do a 30 minute (Shakeology, The 30) workout 3-4 times a week during the fast. I am not sure I made my goal – I didn’t keep very good track of my workouts. Having said that, I would bet I didn’t! :) I intended to do it yesterday, but it was a snow day for the schools, so my schedule was messed up. I did shovel the front porch, the front sidewalk, and about ¼ of the driveway, plus played outside in the snow with the kiddos for an hour! And, I have already loaded up the DVD and pressed play for today - even did ALL of the push ups! So, I am challenging myself to do Shakeology The 50 (a 50 minute workout) for the next two days. Saturday and Sunday. Plus, sticking to the fast. I know it can be done. I just have to pray, and be committed. So – Hold me to it! I’m going to finish strong!

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