Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A school board bond and new member election, 2 more snow days, Valentine’s day parties, a cold, cheer performances, a migraine, out of state relatives in town, 2 weeks without my LifeGroup, Girl Scout cookie sales, and I look up and an ENTIRE WEEK has gone by since I worked out last!  How does that happen?   Oh yeah!  I’m a full time mom to 3 active and involved kids, a full time wife to my amazing husband, and I hold down a full time job at the University.  Some days, I am surprised myself at how I get it all done.  Don’t get me wrong!  I LOVE the chaos that is my life – most of this time.  And this week has been especially good.  Everyone seems to be getting along, I’ve laughed a lot, enjoyed the things we have done as a family, taken the time to be in God’s word every day, but my diet/exercise routine have suffered.

Pastor Craig (Groeschel) spoke a sermon last month called I Quit… Complaining.  I don’t think I am a complainer, but I can see where others might call me that.  I have a hard time discerning what is a “complaint” and what is a statement of fact.  Take my ailments from this past week as an example.  In my opening sentence, I stated that I had a cold, then a migraine.  FACTS.  But, because I mentioned them in a laundry list and basically used them as excuses for my less than stellar behavior, does that make them complaints?  I could go on about this forever – ask my husband or anyone in the lobby of LifeChurch.tv Stillwater that week as we stood around and discussed it after the Host Team huddle… I don’t want to be a complainer, but I want the facts to speak for themselves.  Fact is, I don’t know how to do that, and I end up sounding like a complainer…

But, I digress.  My point is that I need to recommit to my health and fitness this week.  I will weigh again on this upcoming Monday morning, so that is my first step of accountability.  I think I am coming to the end of this cold, so I should start feeling better.  We have all but a few boxes of the Girl Scout cookies sold, so that madness is winding down.  It looks like the window of opportunity is opening for me again, and it is totally up to me to SEIZE it and get back on track!  It’s all about the balance of things, right? Things shifted the past 7-10 days, and it is time to shift them back.

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