Monday, May 30, 2011

Going Home - Trip Log Day 4

Mystery Trip

The trip home was very uneventful. I am not sure what time we actually left the hotel – I think it was about 6:45. We drove into LA and returned the car, hopped the shuttle bas to the terminal at LAX, went through ticketing, security (where we were both selected for the body scan), and found our gate. All by 7:45. Our flight wasn’t until 9:40. WOW. I guess it was non-peak travel time since it was early morning on a Sunday on the middle of a holiday weekend. The flight was great (I really like Virgin American – they do a good job), and we got to DFW without any problems. Got our bags at the baggage claim (which we discovered when we got home had been “selected for screening: and had been opened and trifled through), called for our shuttle back to the hotel, and made it back there pretty quickly as well. Our only hitch in the whole day was that our van wouldn’t start when we got to it. So, we asked the hotel front desk guy, who found a maintenance guy, who helped us. The man was worried it would die again if we turned it off, so he GAVE US his jumper cables to take with us! (We have some, they were just in Oklahoma!)
Once we got the car running, we went to meet my parents at my brother’s house. There is still work to be done there. We helped inventory a few things and take some pictures, then a friend of Brian’s come over to help me find my old hard drive with all the girls’ baby pictures on it. To make a long story short, while we found it, I still do not have the files. He took the box with him and is going to try some stuff on his own at his house, and hopefully soon I will have the files I have been looking for. We all left the house about 6, stopped at Taco Cabana for dinner, and were back in Stillwater about 10:30. WOW. What a trip. I am ready to start gathering up my babies! Jake is with my in-laws in Enid and we will go pick him up later today (Monday), but the girls are in Yukon with their other dad and won’t be back until Tuesday afternoon. I sure miss my kids! I need their hugs!

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