Sunday, May 22, 2011

Over a week?

First of all, I’m a little shocked I haven’t blogged in over a week.  And really, have no excuse.  And second, LOOK AT MY TICKER ------->  Over there – on the right.  THREE DAYS!  3 days until my hubby whisks me away on our 5 year delayed mystery honeymoon!  I absolutely cannot wait!  I am ready for the change, the trip, the time with my hubby, and of course, the SURPRISE DESTINATION!  I was told this week there is snow in the forecast for our destination, but I’m not sure whether or not to believe it…

So, Saturday, the girls turned 9.  We had a baseball game, dinner with my parents, and presents at the house.  Sunday, we went to church, then got some special treatment at lunch because we knew the manager of the restaurant, then got a HUGE surprise when the girls got to meet a real, live MOVIE STAR:
LUCKY!  And she was so nice.  They are in the area filming a movie called “Cowgirls and Angels.”  After winding down from the exciting lunch, the girls’ birthday party at Swick’s took place.  The girls and their friends enjoyed making pizza, opening gifts, eating pizza, then playing glow in the dark mini-golf.  I think the Twisters had a GREAT birthday weekend!

The past week was filled with the usual – gymnastics, baseball, t-ball, dance, and it was the 2nd to last week of school for the girls.  Thursday, Britt and I got the opportunity to go to Oklahoma City campus to attend the All-Staff meeting, and then to get a tour of the Central Offices in Edmond.  It was a real treat – and we got to know some of our local volunteers better in the meantime.  We were very impressed with the Digirati Den – which brings you  What an AMAZING team of people and what they do boggles my mind!  Friday morning, I attended a 2 hour long variety and talent show at the girls’ elementary school, then on Saturday I spent HOURS at my sorority house cleaning and organizing.  It all just goes by so FAST!

Today was a special treat for Emma and Britt.  They got the opportunity to go to Pawnee and be in the crowd scenes for the “Cowgirls and Angels” movie!  They said it was HOT, and fun, and entertaining, and sunny, and HOT!  And they are glad they did it, but I am just excited to see the final product!  We are big Bailee Madison fans here!  LOVE Wizards of Waverly Place and the movie Letters to God.

So, my bed time is approaching fast and furious.  I have to get some good rest while I can!  I know I am going to be TOO EXCITED to sleep in the next few nights as my trip approaches and the anticipation mounts!  Oh – and the stress of farming my kids out all over to relatives in our absence – that always stresses me out!  I am off to bed, but promise to check in before I leave on my trip!

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