Saturday, June 25, 2011

At Convention

Two things I don’t recommend doing in the early weeks of pregnancy. A quick honeymoon to Los Angeles and Hollywood (8/9 weeks), and your sorority’s Grand convention (11/12 weeks)… in Phoenix… in JUNE! The air temp has been hovering right around 113/114 degrees, and it may be a “dry heat,” but it is still MISERABLE! Feels like a toaster out there! The a/c in our “villa” (fancy hotel room) cannot keep up, and even though we can view 2 of the Arizona Biltmore’s 8 pools from our room, they are not that tempting as the water temps is about 87 degrees! That’s like BATH water. Plus, our days start early and end later and later and later. Not much free time on this trip! We were in the pool about 30 minutes on Wednesday and about 45 minutes yesterday. And I think it’s already time to pack up the suit!
This has been an amazing experience. I am so lucky I am getting to reconnect with one of my college days sisters, and it is very entertaining and educational to see all the history and all the volunteer WORK that goes into runing an International sorority smoothly and efficiently. I am here representing the Alpha Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi from Oklahoma State University in the capacity of Social Advisor. These last few days have been more emotionally charged that I expected, more intense than I expected, but mostly more FUN than I expected! I have really enjoyed getting to know our 3 collegiate members that are on the trip with us, and just to see that Alpha Delta Pi really is the First, the FINEST, and it’s FOREVER! I am so lucky to have this sisterhood, and I have been reminded of that time after time the last few days.
Now I am off to a day of workshops before our final formal dinner tonight. I am hot, swollen, dry (I am really TYRYING to drink my water – even bought a CamelBak water bottle with the sorority crest on it to help me stay hydrated), congested, and tired. By this time tomorrow, I should be at Sky Harbor airport ready to head back to Oklahoma to see my 2 favorite men, Britt and Jake! I miss my family SO MUCH – and I don’t get to see the girls for another 10 days after I get back!

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