Friday, June 3, 2011

I *LOVE* dance recital! BUT! (Warning: RANT)

Tonight was the first of 2 performances of my daughter’s dance recital.  I danced for 15 years, and I love dance recitals!  I love that one of my daughters has the bug, and I love watching her and her friends perform.  We have found a studio that is high on professionalism, care, nurturing, and of course, DANCE!  The recital is run like a fine oiled machine, and it is a pleasure to be there.  Except when rude people have no respect for the rest of the audience!  Here’s the skinny:

Rant: if you can't sit still for an hour (53 minutes to be exact) DON'T COME! And if your child can't sit still that long, hire a babysitter!  I was totally pissed when I had to allow a woman and her toddler out of my row in the middle of my daughter’s ballet number!!!

Not to mention the people just wandering around the seating area of the performance hall.  One guy who was apparently seated in the front row at some point was coming back to his seat, and he was a bigger guy, with a baseball cap on (don't get me started) and he just sauntered to his seat, climbed to the middle of the row, and took FOREVER to sit down - all while dancers were performing on stage!  Seriously, folks!  That’s just plan RUDE, disrespectful, and uncalled for!  I have not been that angry in a LONG time!  Are you KIDDING me?  I would say if you have to get out, go between songs, but that’s one of the things I LOVE about my studio’s recitals – the songs are all the same length (2.5 minutes) and there is NO BREAK between songs.  Each half of the show is between 50 and 55 minutes and there is a 15 minute intermission.  Every year.  Every time.  You can bank on it.  I LOVE THAT!

So, please don’t disrupt other people.  The  announcer at the show reminded everyone to turn off their cell phones and that flash photography was not allowed during the show before the director took the stage.  But, I guess he should add one about staying in your seat until intermission.  SHEESH!  You would think people would have enough common sense and manners to do that on their own…  But they don’t.  They don’t seem to realize that my dancer spends hours and HOURS of her time - as does the studio staff  - and I spend lots of money (lessons, shoes, fees, costumes, TIGHTS - $13 a pair for recital!) for this ONE time a year, and I hate that someone who had no manners had to ruin it for me.

I did send an email to the director when we got home tonight.  She was my first tap teacher “back in the day” and I totally respect her, so I wanted her to know what happened tonight.  Not that it will change how stupid people act sometimes, but it makes me feel better.

So, next time you are out at a public performance of ANY kind, please be respectful of the performers.  It's the right thing to do.  Thanks.


  1. I am sorry for your frustration, but understand it. Becky and I run a dance studio (by far mostly Becky :), and we had our recitals this last weekend. Can I add a rant to your list? The auditorium clearly states no food, drink, or gum, but every year at cleanup, it doesn't fail, I find used gum in the carpet at least once. I have to say our dancers and parents are well behaved, but family and friends sometimes don't understand all the hard work that goes into it and don't respect it. Then again, watching all the dancers and their smiles makes me forget the frustrating stuff.

  2. Oh my gosh! I would have been soooo mad!! I feel your pain! I did choir my entire life and thankfully I had a teacher that stuck to strict audience rules. If you leave, the doors are locked and you can't come back in until the break. I think that is something they should think about for you all too. Its rude and distracting to the dancers. Plus...have we lost the "rule" that its rude to wear hats inside? That is so weird!!! Adults need to learn some professionalism. Sadly, it may be "just a kids dance recital" to them....but to all the dancers....ITS A BIG DEAL!!!!!! I'm so sorry! Maybe its something you can be an advocate for next year.