Saturday, October 22, 2011


Finn "wrote" a note to Mom and Dad.  Check it out:

Front of Card
Note Inside
This card was waiting for us when we got to the hospital this morning!  So sweet!  He had a better night last night.  They were able to lower the percentage of oxygen on the oscillator, which is a great move in the right direction.  He is also up to 5 cc's per feeding - which is a whole TEASPOON!  He gets that every 3 hours.  All of his other systems are working very well, so we are definitely going in the right direction.  Hopefully, we can be off the oscillator and back on the ventilator very soon!


  1. Awsum! Prayers for Baby Finn! <3

  2. Too much for words. Obviously someone knew what you guys needed!

  3. How wonderful of them. Yay gut! (as one of you dietitian friends, I'm going to be extra excited about the parts I understand)

  4. Aww so cute.
    I am one of the strangers praying for your little Finn. Have fun with your hubby this weekend!!! When you get a chance post a his birth announcement on the January Baby Center board with a link to your blog. There have been a few other Jan. babies born recently.
    Hugs and Prayers
    Rachel in Nashville TN
    expecting my 4th girl 1/29/12

  5. How sweet! Those nurses are the BEST! Do you have a few primary nurses?

    Reading about Finn and seeing the pictures brings back floods of memories of my little girlies and their fight to live and grow stronger too. I have so many of the SAME pics! Everytime you post a new pic or write something new, it just takes me back to that same place. Even the timing of the year is the same!

    Many prayers for baby Finn. May he continue to grow stronger and may the ups and downs of the NICU rollercoaster be fewer and far between.