Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet Stella

My husband and I walked into a garage sale on Saturday…  No, not the start of a bad joke.  Well, not THAT kind of joke anyway!  It’s a true story!  Seriously, we went to a garage sale at 7am on Saturday.  It was a large multi-family sale in a big tin building to help raise funds for some friends who are going to Haiti soon to adopt.  We wanted to help the cause, plus, we could use a few furniture items, so we were on the hunt. While we were not successful with the furniture hunt, we got 3 books (one for each big kid), and a PUPPY! Is it a bad joke?  So far, not at all! She is sweet, loving, fun, easy going, and a great addition to our home.

A mutual friend was helping our friends with the sale had 5 Chihuahua puppies on December 9.  Only one female and she was originally spoken for by another mutual friend.  But, due to her busy spring schedule, she decided not to take the puppy.  So, this sweet puppy was at the garage sale, open for adoption with a donation to the family.  We spent over an hour at the sale walking around, debating the pros and cons of taking this sweet baby home with us.  Emma has wanted a Chihuahua for a couple of years now (I am sure her Aunt Paula and cousin Savannah have something to do with that!), and with Einstein gone, I was having doggie withdrawals.  So, Britt finally caved in and said I could adopt the puppy!  Prying the puppy out of the hands of the son of the family we were supporting is a whole other story, but we finally got him to understand and off we went to take her to her forever home!

She has been home 48 hours now, and we are all so in love!  ALL of the kids were SO excited!  They have been taught how to feed her, how to take her out to do her business, and how to hold her.  I think the Twisters are going to be GREAT dog moms!  So proud of them!  Stella was already crate trained, so that it a bonus.  We had to buy food, a small crate, and a few toys, but now she can call this house her home, too.  We even found an old small blanket that was Emma and Lara’s when they were babies for Stella to have.  She has settled in well, knows I am her Momma and is well on her way to knowing her name!

What’s a little more chaos in our lives, right?  ;)

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