Monday, May 14, 2012

TEN: A decade in the making

The blog, like all my children, has been a bit neglected as of late.  This new job/move/baby surgery/end-of-school/sports/recital/CrAzY thing has gotten to me.  I haven't really missed any deadlines or skipped events completely, but I have been just under the wire more times than I care to count!  Including today when I totally flaked out on taking treats to school for the girls' classes to celebrate their birthdays with them.  Emma and Lara had each mentioned it last week, but I spaced out and forgot.  Mother's Day and Baby Dedication was yesterday.  I guess I was concentrating on that and not looking past the weekend.  But, thanks to their AMAZING Dad and cooperative teachers, they each got to have personal favorites for snacks this afternoon in their classrooms.  WHEW!

So, I am the mother of 10 year old twin daughters.  (And a five year old and 7 month old son, too.)  WOW.  I never thought this day would get here, and yet here it is.  Not much different from any other Monday in the past few.  Looking forward to school getting out in a week, trying to make sure we don't miss any rehearsals, practices, games or performances this week.  Trying to figure out exactly what it is I should be doing at work.  And with a blink of an eye, my first babies turned 10 years old.

4 months:

 10 months:

4 years:

10 years:

They are growing up into wonderful young ladies.  They each have their quirks, and their bad habits, but they are both loving, caring, creative girls who love the Lord and work hard everyday to meet the goals they have set for themselves.  They have changed a lot in the last year, having to learn some hard lessons and grow up so quickly.  I am loving having them in separate spaces for the first time in their existence as it seems to have changed them just a little.  They are started to appreciate each other more than they ever have.  The time they do spend together is slightly less electrically charged.  They even miss each other for short periods of time!

Here's to another birthday.  Double Digits!  They are already counting down the days until they are teenagers - just three short years away.  *sigh*  We had a little birthday time this morning before school where they got presents from us, and we went out to dinner to celebrate tonight.  They are having a small sleepover this weekend with friends.  A pretty quiet affair, but then again, that suits me just fine!

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