Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hottest Week of the Year

My mother (aka Nana the Wonder Sitter) walked into my house on Monday morning and greeted us all with, “Traditionally, this is the hottest week of the year in Oklahoma.”  Um, Thanks?  I think?  LOL!  I have decided to not watch the weather this week, or check the app on my phone.  My car has an outside temperature display on the dash, but I am not sure it is right very often (as it says 87 a lot, and I know it is hotter than that), so I have stayed blissfully ignorant as to how hot it has been this past few days.  I do, however have quite a hike from the place where I am privileged to leave my car every day to the 3rd floor of the building I work in (which I have aptly nick named “Survivor Island” for the rest of the summer – or until all the crazy construction is done – whichever comes last). I am VERY tired of sweating.  And pulling my hair into a ponytail.  And my make-up melting off by 8:20am.  But, I digress…

I had the BEST time watching Emma and Lara perform in the operetta earlier this week!  They were part of Rana McCoy’s workshop at the Stillwater Public Library and they got to show off the fruits of their labor earlier this week.  They performed the short musical “Jack and the Beanstalk” a total of 5 times.  Monday morning was a “dress rehearsal,” but with an audience of senior citizens from some of our local nursing homes!  Then, Monday night was the “family” show.  Jake and Britt squeezed in right before the curtain went up after swim lessons, and all of us got to enjoy that performance.  Then on Tuesday they had 3 performances open to the public that were presented as part of the summer reading series at the library.  Britt and I both had to work of course, but I was able to slip out for an extended lunch and watch the 1:30 performance.  It was even better the second time around!  Emma and Lara played villagers, “Heidi” and “Liesel,” in the first half, and security officers in the second half.  It was truly a joy to see them having so much fun up on the stage!  (And yes, the costumes and props all came together nicely!)

Cast of Jack and the Beanstalk

Heidi and Liesel - villagers


The villagers teaching Jack a lesson

Security escorting the Genie off

Emma and Lara - "The Blues Sisters" curtain call

Today, the girls left for a few days with their other dad, so Britt and I are gearing up for the endless chatter that seems to erupt from Jake when his sisters aren’t here for him to talk to.  Don’t get me wrong – I love him and his curiosity, but he NEVER SHUTS UP!  LOL!  He talks a lot when the girls are home, too, but I guess they act as my buffer and I don’t notice it as much!  Now, all the answering of questions lands on me.  It wears me thin.  And I can tune him out, but that just drives my sweet husband up the wall!  LOL!  So, it is to my benefit to just answer him as succinctly as possible, and get ready for the follow up!  ;)

In Finn news, HE PASSED HIS HEARING SCREENING!   After not getting to do that last week, it was rescheduled for this morning.  They did 2 different types of tests.  One that measured the movement of the ear drum, and another that measured the sound waves that came back after a sound was emitted through the probe.  He initially failed both tests on the right side, but passed them the second time around.  Which isn’t that uncommon with a wiggly 9 month (6 month) old baby!  We received a copy of the report, and then were told the results would be sent to the state.  He will need to be re-screened when he is over 1 year again, but if that also comes back normal we are done with hearing screening unless we feel the need for further testing.  YIPPEE!

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