Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Name our March for Babies Team!

Hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of August!  This summer has just flown by.  Which is good, and bad.  I am ready for school to start so the big kids can get back into a regular routine.  This summer has been nuts with their schedule changing every few days what with camp, trips, and play dates.  But, I am sad because my baby boy will be 10 months in a few days.  SO HARD to believe.

That means we have a little over 2 months to plan for 2 FABULOUS events!  The first is Finn’s 1st birthday!  We have a theme picked out (thanks, again, Pinterest!), but no other details nailed down.  We also have an idea of our “big” gift to him, but there are still lots of plans to be made!  

But the other event is not just for Finn, but for ALL the families that have (or will have) premature babies.  It is the March of Dimes March for Babies.  The Stillwater March is on October 6 at Boomer Lake.  We are getting our team together, but first we need a NAME so we can sign our team up with the March of Dimes and set our fundraising goals!  Plus, we need a name so we can design our shirts!  We will be using “It’s a Preemie Thing” to print our shirts, and we have to have the name decided to get started on that planning as well.  They do a great job and the shirts are so cute!

This is where you come in!  We have listed below the “final contenders” for our team name.  Britt and I each came up with 5 names we liked, and this list is what we have.  (There aren’t 10 because there was some overlap on the choices!)

Finn’s Dream Weavers (since we call our family the Dream Weavers)

The Fighting FINNtastics (A take on the Fighting Temptations, and the word fantastic)

Finn’s Huckleberries (Huckleberry: to be just the right person for a given job)
Feet for Finn (It is a march, after all)

Finn’s Fans (this needs no more explanation)

Team Finn (a little GLEE reference…)

Finn’s Foot Soldiers (A nod to being Christian soldiers as well)

Finn’s Friends (*I’ll be there for you* – I know you are singing it in your head!)

Finn’s Fighters (Like an army)

Here’s how this is going to work.  In the comments section of this post, you can vote for UP TO TWO (2) NAMES for our team. VOTING ENDS AT 5:00PM CST ON FRIDAY AUGUST 3.  I will be keeping a tally of the votes in an excel spreadsheet (LOVE!).  Each person who votes for the winning name (one with the most votes) will be put into a drawing to win one of our team shirts.  In the event of a tie, the Dream Weaver Kids will make the final choice.  Please include contact information such as an email in your reply if you wish to be included in the drawing for the shirt.  If you are local and want to walk with our team, you will have a shirt to do so.  If you are not local, we will mail the shirt to you when they are ready!  So, get to commenting!  We are so grateful for you being with us every phase of this journey, and we want you to be involved in this step as well!

We will also post our fundraising information and goals once we get out team set up on the March of Dimes website this weekend.  If you would like a T-shirt (I will post pictures when the design is ready), you will be able to order one for $20.  Proceeds will be added to our team fundraising goal.  More info to come about that as well!  STAY TUNED!


  1. Finn's Fans, all the way!! Love you guys!! #finnfan (And you have my email!)

    1. LOVE that you were the first entry! LOL!

  2. From Cousin Jane:
    1 - Finn's Fans
    2 - Finn's Dream Weavers

  3. Fighting Finntastics for sure! ( I feel like I should karate kick when I say that)

  4. Finn's Fans!!! I'm excited to be working with you this year!!

  5. I got Finns fans because he has so many adoring fans that love him or finntastics because he is fantastic!!

  6. I think Finn's Huckleberries is very clever. I also enjoyed Finn's Friends!

  7. Finns foot soldiers
    Finns dream weavers