Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where has the time gone?

9 months – and A WEEK!

I really need time to slow down!  I thought summer was a time for fun and relaxing and enjoying lazy days!  While we have had a couple of pretty lazy Saturday’s as of late, the rest of the time has been go go go!  And here we are ONE WEEK past Finn’s 9th month-day!  I haven’t even contemplated professional pictures – let alone made arrangements for some!  But, summer with 2 full time working parents, 4 kids, a LARGE house to maintain, swim lessons,  summer camps, sleepovers, dance auditions, operetta rehearsals, and doctor’s appointments, a moment to breathe has been hard to come by!  WHEW!  Gotta love summer! 

As the lead picture shows, Finn was weighed in at his 9 month pediatrician checkup earlier this week.  He is 15 pounds and 6 ounces, and he is 26.5 inches long.  He is still well below the third percentile curve for a 9 month old, but he is getting closer!  I also looked up those stats on a 6 month old (his adjusted age) and he is about 10th percentile for weight and 50th for height.  Still a peanut, but he is growing just as he should be!  We also had another SoonerStart visit this week, and she was wanting us to encourage him to sit alone (this was Monday), and to get on all fours to start crawling.  By his 11:30 doctor’s appointment on Tuesday – he had mastered sitting!  He just needed the extra encouragement!  Nana the Wonder Sitter texted me earlier this afternoon and said he said unassisted for over 20 minutes this afternoon – correcting himself when he needed to – listening to his Big Twisters read him books!  SO SWEET!  He was also scheduled to have a hearing test this week.  I won’t go into WHY, but it has been rescheduled for next week… (*smh*)

In the meantime, Emma and Lara got to spend the better part of last weekend at Yost Lake with a friend, and then spent the last 4 days at Camp Lela!  They are having a super fun summer, and I love watching them interact with their friends, their brothers, and just growing into fantastic young ladies!  Plus, they have amazing tan lines for being outside so much!  I have had several adults that have spent extended time with them lately tell me how wonderful it is to have them in their company, and I truly appreciate it.  Don’t get me wrong, they still have their 10-year-old-girl moments, but they are truly becoming the young ladies God wants them to be.  They are really starting to look forward to starting 5th grade at a new school next month, and we have been blessed by being able to meet several families that have kids around the same age at the school.  Hopefully, this will be an easy transition for them.  Lara also tried out for a company dance squad at a local dance studio, and has made it!  We are still working out details, but look forward to starting that fun adventure soon, too!

Jake made it until last weekend before ever going swimming this summer – that’s how crazy busy we’ve been!  So, he was super thrilled to tag along and jump on in at Yost Lake with his sisters and their friend for a bit last weekend.  This week he started his annual due of swim lessons.  He had a rough start, but it going strong now.  At the end of last year they recommended Level 2 for him, so that’s what we signed him up for.  He started the first lesson with the Level 2 group, but was soon moved back down to Level 1.  This DID NOT sit well with Master Jacob!  Poor guy was so embarrassed and mad and SAD.  But, after much talking and cajoling, we got him going for the second lesson, and he said it was the most fun he had ever had at the pool! LOL!  5 year olds are fickle! He is super excited about MORE fun pool time tonight as his T-ball team has a slightly belated end-of-season swim party.  He may have gotten a late start on the pool time this season, but we are making up for it fast!

Oh, and those Doctor's appointments I mentioned?  Not all of them are for Finn.  I went to the dentist this week.  I have a CAVITY!  Only my 2nd in my 37 years of life!  It is the exact opposite side of my first one ever - 3 years ago.  My dentist (whom I love) was telling me how "easy" it was to fix and how it was "no problem" and "shouldn't take but 30 minutes."  I looked at her and said , "Yeah!  'SAYS THE DENTIST!'"  So, I got back in a couple of weeks for a filling.  JOY!

Hard to believe we are already over half way through summer!  Next week Emma and Lara are performing in the “Jack and the Beanstalk” Operetta at the Stillwater Public Library on Monday (for family) and Tuesday (for the public).  We are thrilled to see what they have been working on for the past several weeks!  I was 10 the first time I got bit by the acting bug, and I loved performing from that day on.  I wonder how this experience will shape their futures!  I can’t wait to run it down here on the blog and show off pictures.  In the meantime, I have to finish their costumes…  So, until next week!

Happy Summer!

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