Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School – Richmond Style

Yesterday, my oldest babies started a new year of school in a new place.  We are now proud to be Richmond Rockets!  The Weavers were welcomed by lots of familiar faces, greeted by friends new and old, and bathed in the excitement of starting a new adventure!  Britt and I both had the opportunity to escort the 3 biggest Dream Weaver kids to school yesterday morning, and while we were a little choked up to leave them there, we both fared well in the end.  Our kiddos were all a bit nervous, but Emma and Lara are lucky enough to have each other – and to be in the same class this year for the first time.  But my brave little man had to face it all alone.  Jake was so strong!  You could see the uneasiness in his eyes, and he had the front of his T-shirt balled up in both hands, but he stood in his spot with the rest of his class and headed from the cafeteria to his first day of Kindergarten like a champ!  The older kids were held in the gym down the hall before class, and we had dropped the girls off first.  I think Jake was surprised to find out he would have to part from his sisters so soon.  After several hugs, the obligatory pictures, and reassurance form his new teacher, Britt and I courageously left the cafeteria, and left our baby boy to fend in the big world of Kindergarten (secretly rejoicing in the fact that his two big sisters were protecting him from a far!)

Emma - 5th Grade - Age 10 - 2012

Lara - 5th Grade - Age 10 - 2012

Jake - Kindergarten - Age 5 - 2012

Our traditional First Day of School pose

We are excited for what this year brings!  The girls are together in the classroom for the first time since pre-school.  I have known their teacher since I was a little girl, and I feel so blessed that she gets to pour into their lives just like she did mine years ago as a counselor at Falls Creek!  And Jake’s teacher is a perfect fit for him.  I hope she enjoys his antics as much as we do!  
Lara and Emma in the gym before class

Mommy and Jake in the cafeteria before class

Daddy with Jake up on stage before leaving

The other new big change for the kids this year is riding the school bus!  Their first attempt at that went fairly well yesterday afternoon.  The girls helped Jake get where he needed to be, and they all made it home safely.  Jake told me his favorite part of the day was riding the bus and was looking forward to doing it again today!
And while the big kids are at school, our Little Dream Weaver is spending his days with Nana the Wonder Sitter!  I know she is enjoying being down to one Dream Weaver during the day.  He is still fighting through the antibiotics for his ear infection, so he has a lot of adjusting to do!  He loved waving good bye to us all yesterday as we left for school!

And in other news, we are 46 days from the Stillwater march for Babies, and we are at 68% of our team fundraising goal!  Please check out Finn's Fans and help up help tiny babies everywhere!

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