Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Your Baby is 11 Months Old

What a great way to start my day!  We got the little mister up, fed, and dressed, then took the obligatory 11 month pictures.  He is so energetic and eager, it is hard to get good ones, but we did get to capture many of his crazy faces and wonderful smiles.  He is such a joy in the mornings - makes leaving for work so much harder!  Here is a list (probably incomplete) of the things he is doing and accomplishing these days:

  • Has his 2 bottom teeth fully in
  • Cutting his top 4 teeth all at the same time – 2 on the left have broken through, 2 on the right soon to follow
  • Chews on EVERYTHING!
  • Crawling several feet at a time
  • Can hold his own bottle but would prefer us to do it
  • Likes to sit and turn in a circle
  • Can pick up small pieces of food and eat them (hates baby food!)
  • Has a few favorite toys
  • LOVES to babble and make noise
  • Light up when he sees family members
  • Sits himself up in his crib when he wakes up
  • Has pulled to standing once or twice
  • Only cries when there is really something wrong
  • Has starting sitting in shopping carts and high chairs when out and about
  • He is the happiest baby!

Here are some pictures from this morning:

Don't you just love all the different faces?  He is also a contestant in the Gerber Baby contest!  You can Vote for Finn by clicking here!  We are so proud of how far he has come.  Hard to believe his birthday will be here in one short month.  WOW!


  1. How did you get him to crawl?! Lily was super early like your little man and I am having the hardest time getting her to crawl. I try to put her on all fours and she "tents" where she folds over in a triangle... haha! i can get her on all fours with her feet against me but then she just goes head first into the floor... any advice?

  2. Erica - lots and lots and LOTS of on the floor time! I remarked to my husband the other day that we spend more time on the floor with this baby than we EVER did with his older brother and sisters! Finn also receives services from the State of Oklahoma for an early intervention program, so a Child Development Specialist comes out and works with us every 2 weeks. She has been pivotal in his development! Just keep working at it! Finn was a face planter for a LONG time before he made any progress!