Friday, December 28, 2012

Just Know You're Not Alone

As I sit here thinking about one year ago today when we were rooming in with our tiny son for the very first time, the stark differences from 365 days ago really stand out to me.  We have come SO far!  Finn, of course, has made the most strides, but as a family we have made some serious changes as well.  A different home.  A different school for the big kids.  A different job for me.  The girls are really growing and changing into fantastic young women.  Jake gets smarter and funnier every day.  And of course, sweet Finn. He is standing (while holding on) all the time, babbling up a storm – especially in the car, eating like a teenager (all the time and lots of it), and generally being a perfect 14 month old (even exhibiting some signs of fit throwing toddlers are renowned for)! He even graduated from his infant bucket seat to a big boy car seat!

Christmas celebrations were fun and memorable as usual.  My kids were spoiled by grandparents on all sides, and we were lucky enough to be chosen by some dear family members as their “angel family” for the holiday, so we were all spoiled with sweet love from our “Kansas Santas.”  Starting last week with office parties, school parties, and the usual hustle and bustle, it has been a great Christmas for the Weavers.  We spent Christmas Eve at my parents’ house opening gift with them, as well as Gigi and Papa Les.  Christmas Day, the Six Dream Weavers opened presents here in our home before hosting our very first holiday meal ever!  We just realized in the (almost) 7 years we have been married we’ve never hosted!  We had my parents here, and had a nice turkey lunch with ALL the fixings, and then we all played with the kids’ new toys and games. So fun!  Later that afternoon it was off to Aunt Paula’s for more festivities!  There was a threat of a severe snowstorm (which never materialized), so our celebrations were not as originally planned, but we did finally get to see Britt’s parents the day after Christmas and have a nice meal with them as well.  Fun and crazy few days as usual!  It was great to be able to keep it low key, stay basically in one place, and ENJOY being a family of 6!  Finn didn’t really “get” it all, but he sure is enjoying his new toys, warm fuzzy PJ’s, and all the crazy food and fun!  Christmas night, 5 of the Dream Weavers went to the movies to see “Parental Guidance” while Finn stayed with Nana and Grandpa.  It was a hilarious movie and an awesome good time for us as a family.  We all really enjoyed it, and it was a nice way to spend time with the girls before they left.  Too bad Jake got sick from too much movie popcorn and threw up all over our room in the middle of the night afterwards! Reminds me of another Christmas when Jake threw up




Unfortunately, today has started off on a bit of a sour note. Emma and Lara are still in the City with their other dad, and I am missing them like crazy.  They sent me a text with a picture of all the snow they are getting down there.  It’s just cold here – no snow. Jake spent the night at Aunt Paula and Uncle Brad’s last night, so he’s not home.  Britt is sick with the stomach bug, and Finn has a high fever.  Even though this is not ideal, it is still so good to be HOME.  I know Jake will be home later today, the girls will be home this weekend, and we will all be a family FOREVER!  Home is not just the place where you live.  Home is where you belong.   Home feels good.  Secure.  Safe.  Warm.  Comfortable. It’s where you want to end up after a rough day.  Or a tough season in life. So glad to be HOME.

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