Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fun Finn Feats

The big girls are away at church camp for the week and so it is super quiet in our house.  We have lived in our home 2 months and just a couple of days ago hooked up the Wii so Jake is in a video game stupor.  That leaves Fun, Finicky FINN!  So, I thought I would share a few fun things about him from the past few days.

Finn has been a bit under the weather:

He is PITIFUL when he is sick:

But yet, he somehow manages to have a little fun and go 'round and 'round...

Finn LOVES to play with legos:

Finn got his second haircut (MUCH needed; MUCH improvement!):

Finn discovered the Wii in the basement (or at least the TV remote...):

Finn is doing GREAT going to sleep on his own - even with cars!

And when he is FINALLY feeling better, he likes to play "Head Games" with Mom and stare at Jake instead of eating his yogurt! 

And based on this post, he has a LOT of orange in his wardrobe.  Rightfully so!  All good aspiring Cowboys do!  So proud of how far he has come from the tiny miracle he started out as.  He may still be a munchkin (barely weighing more than 21 pounds), but he is OUR munchkin, and he has completely changed our world! 

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