Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 17: 26 Days of March of Dimes

Team Finn's Fans UPDATE

Sweet Baby Finn!  We have come SUCH a long way, little man!  I am so proud of you and your amazing accomplishments!  Such a fighter!

So, how are things going on Team Finn's Fans, you ask?  I would say very, VERY well!  So well, that we UPPED OUR GOAL!  We surpassed our original goal of $1,575.00 almost a week ago - with 2 weeks left until the March.  That means, we were too low, of course!  So, we raised our goal by $1,000 to $2,575.00!  Yes, we did!  Here's how that looks today:

So, we have raised 71% of our "new goal!  We would love to PASS that goal, too!  CLICK HERE to go to our team page and make a donation to Team Finn's Fans!

As for what else is going on with our team - we still have a few events happing as we lead up to Bank Day next Thursday, and the march a week from Saturday!

Tonight we are hosting a "thirty-one gifts" party!  They have the CUTEST stuff!  And now Oklahoma State University is one of the NCAA school logos that they can add to certain items!  The on-line sale is open to everyone!  CLICK HERE to shop on-line, where 20% of your purchase goes to Finn's Fans!

Also, we still have purple collection buckets out collecting coins (and bills!) for this amazing cause!  I have one in my office, and there is one at the Alpha Delta Pi house as well!  Such an easy way to support Finn's Fans - empty your pocket change and lighten your load!

In addition to that, we are selling "cut outs" at the Adorable Affordables area wide consignment sale next week!  They are one of our Gold Sponsors for the March this year, and Lori Beth (owner) has graciously agreed to sell these for $1 each, and we will post them all over the building to show how you support the March of Dimes!  Come out and see us at the sale!

As our campaign season winds down, we are so grateful for all your support, and so thankful for all your donations.  Thank you for helping us Save the Babies!

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