Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 18: 26 Days of March of Dimes

75 Years - Polio Vaccine



During devastating polio epidemics, the March of Dimes paid for and transported thousands of iron lungs to help patients breathe when their own muscles were weakened or paralyzed. 



The March of Dimes funded Dr. Jonas Salk whose research led to a “safe, effective and potent” polio vaccine in 1955 and saved thousands of lives. The March of Dimes also funded Dr. Albert Sabin’s work on an oral vaccine licensed in 1962.



The March of Dimes organized testing of the Salk polio vaccine with 1.8 million schoolchildren who became known as “Polio Pioneers” and were part of the largest peacetime mobilization of volunteers in our history.



Today, vaccines protect children from polio and 14 other serious diseases, including chickenpox, rubella, the flu and hepatitis.
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