Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 2: 26 Days of March of Dimes

All it took was a little inspiration and some reminders!  So thankful for this forum to spread the word about the Mission of March of Dimes and our Team efforts to support the cause.  Just from the blog post earlier this morning, Team Finn's Fans sold several T-shirts today, and gathered over $125 in sponsorships!  Good Job, Team!

And, this is the day 1 post  - Wednesday's Post - as I just realized I was supposed to start on TUESDAY!  Got fundraising on the brain, and it has effected my ability to count!  ;)

Day 2's topic:
Update on Team Finn's Fans: GOALS

Ultimate goal: $1575.00 in donations
     *We are at $982.00 - 62%

T-shirt Sales - goal was 20 shirts
     *We have sold 25 shirts, donation will be over $80 if we stopped now

Other Fundraisers
     *Fuzzy's night last spring - $150.00
     *Bunco for Babies - $182.00
     *Plushland Lion and Bear sales - $60.00
     *thirty-one fundraiser party - Details to Come!

You can help us!  There is still plenty of time!  Check out Team Finn's Fans on the March for Babies website and pray about how you can help!

Tomorrow's topic: Why we Walk!


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