Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 5: 26 Days of March of Dimes

So, now that all of the T-shirts have been ordered, I want to tell you a little bit about what Finn will be wearing on walk day.  You see, my biggest hesitation with using for our T-shirts was that a Youth Extra Small (2-4) is going to SWALLOW my peanut child whole.  He's still so tiny!  Although, he has had a big growth spurt as of late as his head is FULLY above the tabletop of the table our TV sits on.  He used to just walk right into it.  Now, it's eye level, so it slows him down a bit...  Anyway - he is still in 12m shorts, some 12m shirts, and a few 18m shirts.  A 2-4?  Not gonna happen.  While I did go ahead and order him one just to have, I had to come up with SOMETHING different...

Last year, we used It's a Preemie Thing for our T-shirts, and they came out GREAT!  She specializes in preemie wear, so of course she had lots of onesies to choose from.  While CustomInk has onesies, they are very limited and end up being pretty pricey for just one.  Etsy to the rescue!  Since Dream Weaver Prints had already made the artwork, I just needed to find someone to screen it for me.  I was so lucky to come across a shop on Etsy that hand colors their own baby oneises, AND prints on them!  JACKPOT!  (More on this shop once I have the product in my hands!)  I have been working closely with her to get a onesie that will actually fit Mr. Finn, and still coordinate/match with the rest of the team!

Finn's Custom Onesie
Since I could make his super special and just for him, I changed it up just a bit.  The front screen on his shirt will say "Finn" where the Team shirts say "Finn's Fans."  After all, he is the Team Captain!

Front of Finn's onesie

I had the same feeling about the back print of the shirt as well.  The quote on the back of the Team shirt is by Winnie the Pooh and it says "As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen."  Well, he IS the adventure.  That didn't make as much since on the back of his shirt.  So, Dream Weaver Prints went back to the drawing board.  Drawing from the popularity of the "subway style" art posters popping up everywhere, I made this for the back of his shirt - chock full of information about how he started and how far he has come.
Back of Finn's onesie

I am VERY excited to get this one in person as well!  She is hand dying the onesie to be a teal similar to the Team shirts, and the print will be a bright yellow (also similar to the Team shirts).  And, surprisingly, it was STILL cheaper than one from our Team shirt supplier in plain old (boring) white!  WOW! 

Come out to see us at Theta Pond on September 28 to see how the shirts all turned out!

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