Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creativity, Carving and Calamity

Well, "calamity" (which means an event resulting in great loss and misfortune), may be a bit strong, but turning pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns with the Six Dream Weavers was (as always) an adventure!  I mean, you can  picture it, right?  3 "big" kids eager to to get started, but not all that interested in cleaning out the pumpkin guts, a six year old DETERMINED to save the seeds for roasting, and a 2 year old, doing all his 2 year old things, right in the middle of all of it.  I only freaked out for a second, then I was reminded by my husband that they are just kids, everything is washable, and as long as we keep the knives from the toddler all is well.

(Interesting sidebar: my kids (the big three) are not the best at choosing something and sticking to it.  The Twisters went back and forth a dozen times on whether or not they wanted costumes to go TorT'ing, then once we agreed that they WERE dressing up, they couldn't come up with a costume choice.  As of Monday of this week, we still had nothing.  I make a decision for them.  And Jake - same way!  We've been asking him since September what we wanted to be for Halloween.  He was a ninja last year, and for a long time he wanted to wear last year's customer (which would never fit, and I doubt we have all the pieces to).  FINALLY got him to pick by taking him shopping one hour before a carnival he was going to last Friday night!  I picked Finn's costume, so that was easy!)  This trend translates to jack-o-lantern design as well.  Pick a design.  Anytime now.  Just pick.  Sketch something out.  Triangle eyes.  A nose.  A mouth.  Or pick form the designs dad printed off.  FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS CREEPY AND SPOOKY, PICK SOMETHING!)

So, let's start with the annual trek to Grider's Farm to pick the pumpkins.  This has been an INSANE month for us, so it almost didn't happen.  But, as luck had it, we were all in the same place with no pressing commitments last Sunday afternoon, so off we went!  We came home with about a dozen pumpkins of various sizes.

So, Monday night, after a quick dinner and clean up, the TIME HAD COME!  Each child went outside and picked up "their" pumpkin, Dad broke out the "carving tool kits" and I got the good knives.  We put plastic down on the kitchen floor, and got to work.  I had 3 large bowls, too.  I was in charge of cleaning out the 3 big kids pumpkins 0 Britt did his own.  I just kept putting guts in a bowl, and had the big kids picking out seeds.  Finn, well, he was playing with spoons and guts, tasted some, and loved squishing his hands in the wet seed.  Oh, and while this was going on, they were supposed to be deciding on designs.  WOWza!  Emma and Lara completely carved their own last year, so I let them go at it again this year.  Jake picked a "vampire face" to be like his costume, and I carved it for him.  Then, he decided he wanted to cut one himself.  YIKES!  So, he got another pumpkin, helped me clean it out, and I let him cut the eyes and nose, I did the mouth...

And, while the 5 of us were trying to wrestle Finn, four jack-o-lanterns, countless pokers, carvers, saw tooth tools and knives - as well as piles of guts, seeds, and discarded parts, Britt was sitting calmly at the dining room table working his skills on his masterpiece!  I think he got the better deal here! LOL!  But it was fun, and so worth it.  The kids even helped clean up!  I will let the rest of our night speak in pictures.

trying to keep Finn busy





Working so well together!  Even if the plastic is now all wadded up under them...

All the seeds they managed to get!

SOMEONE had my camera!  LOVE finding pics like this!  :)

The kids' finished products

Lights on, lights off!

Another Jack-o-Lantern carving party is in the book.  Makin' Memories!

I love Halloween with these kids:
On top of the hay stack at the pumpkin patch

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