Monday, October 7, 2013

Shark Attack! Finn is 2!

There was a SHARK ATTACK over the weekend at our house!  Finn turned 2 years old, and there was a Shark Party to mark the occasion as special!  We are so blessed to have made it this far with this little man in our lives, and we had a wonderful time celebrating this milestone with our family, friends, and our little guy! 

Of course, for me, the party planning was the best part!  Britt and I both decided on the theme, and we got on Pinterest to do some research!  Then, I made lists!  A guest list, a things to make list, a things to buy list, a food list...  WHEW!  Then, we took the red pen to it and chopped it down!  I always have BIG ambitions and BIG dreams for parties, but the realist in the house reminds me of our tiny checkbook, and we whittle it down.  I think it turned out perfectly!

I have put together some pictures and some explanations about the party set up and decorations.  I hope you enjoy it!  CLICK ON EACH PICTURE TO ENLARGE.

Invitation - DreamWeaverPrints

We used a lot of paper printables that we found on Etsy to complete our decor!  I love to support my fellow crafters!  All of the party decor items were from the Pep Custom Designs store.  I used the pennant banner, cupcake wrappers, signs, drink wrappers and 2inch party circles from THIS LISTING.  I will also be using the thank you notes this week!

Outside window decoration by Dad!

Signs on the front door



FINN!  (Banner by Pep Custom Design)
Cupcake assembly! (cupcakes from the grocery store, toppers by boogaboo)

The cupcake toppers were also printables from Etsy!  I got them from the boogaboo shop.  This is the LISTING I used for them.  PROPS to my husband for a lot of the cutting - especially these fins!  They were a bit tedious - but so worth it!  Sometime you need to ask him about working on cutting things out while he was at flag football practice last week...

We printed this DreamWeaverPrints sing as a 16x20 for the party
Of course, his party would not have been complete without a Dream Weaver Prints party sign!  Again, we had so much fun working on this one!  Since I am the designer and seller of these AMAZING pieces of art, I asked Britt to be the "customer" on this one.  He emailed me with all the things he wanted included (themes, colors, sayings, etc), I worked it up, and he approved it!  We ordered a BIG one for a centerpiece at the party.  I am going to hang it in Finn's room this week.

We have FACTOID signs all over the dining room to entertain the adults!

Our Shark Attack table!  Net from Hobby Lobby

The Food!  (Click to enlarge for details!)

Sea Water and Regular water...

And, of course, the party was a blast as well!  I have to share a few pictures from the festivities of our sweet boy enjoying his party!  He loved all the candy on the table, and the "cake cup" (as he calls them) was fun, too - even if he did try to touch the candle flame!  OOPS!

Happy Birthday Finn

More Presents!


See dad's hand coming in for the save?

Yum!  Cake Cups!

He got some GREAT presents, but I think one really takes the cake!  My Dad made him this AWESOME busy board that an 2 year old boy would LOVE!  Nana the Wondersitter helped, of course, but Dad dug around in his "treasures," bought a few new things, and made the MOST FABULOUS gift for his last grandson!  I saw THIS PIN on Pinterest a while back, and sent it to my dad, so I am sure it was a great inspiration for him!  We all loved playing with it, and I am sure it is to become a family heirloom!  THANKS, GRANDPA!!!


Finn LOVES Pistol Pete - and this one behind the door is perfect.
The first time he saw Pete behind the door.  PRICELESS!


We ended the party by playing outside on a GORGEOUS Oklahoma fall afternoon.  Broke out the "roller coaster" toy Finn got from us yesterday for his friends to enjoy as well.  it was a hit, just like yesterday!  Best part of this toy?  it comes apart and stores completely in it's own base.  Couldn't ask for more!

Thanks for celebrating with us!  This was a GREAT way to survive a SHARK ATTACK!

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