Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time Flies... and Stands Still

8 years that feel like 80.  8 days that feel like 800!  Time passes so strangely as a wife and mother.  Days seem to drag on and on, but the weeks and years fly by without a second glance!  Everyday is so full, yet the weeks are long as we wait for some special or specific date to come.  Momma told me there'd be days like this, but it has taken a long time to heed her words.

8 years ago today, I was a bride.  God had brought me my #2 a mere 4 months previous to this date.  I am sure my family thought I was being reckless.  I know outsiders looked at this as a union doomed for failure.  But, I serve a BIG God, whose plans I don't always understand, but he has proven to me over and over again how faithful he is.  I not only married my soul mate, I married the gift God had brought to me.  A man who put my daughters first, who would become the father to two amazing little boys, my best friend, my love.  We have been through bad.  We have been through very sad.  We've done hard.  We've endured painful.  But most of all, we have LOVED!  I love him more today than I did on that warm winter day 8 years ago.  More than on the night of a December basketball game in the beloved Gallagher-Iba area when he proposed to me at halftime.  More than on that fateful day that he told me he loved me for the first time.  Even more that the first "take my breath away" kiss.  All of those moments, while still precious and honored memories, pale in comparison to the love he has shown me as we do life together.  Lucky doesn't even begin to cover it.  Blessed.

And with that thought of time getting away from us..  The last few weeks passed in a blur!  School concerts, class parties, snow days, adjusting to a new job and schedule, office parties, Christmas vacation, Christmas, New Year, rest of the break, frigid cold, and today, FINALLY back so school!  We had a really nice, low-key Christmas.  That's what happens when your whole family lives less than an hour away.  The kids got lots of fun new stuff, and have enjoyed their break - for the most part.  Of course, 17 days with no school or other distractions is a LONG time!  Even with Emma and Lara gone for 6 of those days with their "Other Dad."  We got to spend some good, simple family time together.  Not a while lot to show for it.  I didn't even get a picture of the kids all together. Mainly because at some point during the chaos of Christmas morning, Finn stole my camera.  Then hid it.  And my iPhone pictures are just not very good.  BUT!  When I found the camera and unloaded it, I was pleasantly surprised with these little jewels:

Finn's selfies from Christmas day
Today was everybody's first day back at school.  Emma and Lara (who both got straight A's last semester!  WOOT!) are back to 6th grade, Jake back in 1st grade, and Finn to his pre-school class.  We are so ready to get back into our routine.  Basketball practice started last night for Jake; dance for Lara tonight.  Baseball and volleyball sign ups are soon.  Time to get busy again!  And to just LOVE my family!

In the meantime, our little man celebrated what should have been his 2nd birthday yesterday.  What a wild ride the last couple of years have been.  We've come so far.  So many ups and downs - more than the rest of the 8 years combined.  But oh so worth it.  Such an education!  And so many life lessons learned.  Still many more to come.

Finn's "should be" 2nd birthday

We are so thankful for our brave little man.  And his supremely patient older siblings.  We feel like we don't get enough time with the big kids sometimes due to the responsibility of taking care of our preemie.  But they take it all in stride.  And are such great helpers.  Finn is so lucky to have such loving, caring, patient siblings.We are all lucky he came along to complete our Dream Weaver Family. A family that started 8 years ago  today...

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