Saturday, April 5, 2014

It started with a *****...

Life has been barreling by at lightning speed.  It seems like days go by that I don’t even see my girls.  They are busy with activities, and 6th grade life, and since they live in the basement, they go downstairs, and I don’t see them much.  Jake has baseball practice or games 2x a week, and almost every day after school he is across the street with the neighborhood boys playing basketball or soccer or some other game they made up the rules for.  And Finn.  Sweet Finn.  He’s busy figuring out how to jump, constructing 2 word sentences, and being a terrific two year old!  He is officially 2.5 years old today.  SHOCKING.  That also means that in the next 4 weeks, he sees all of his specialists, including a new one – endocrinologist.  But more on those visits when we have more information.

That leaves Britt and me.  What have we been up to?  Well, let me tell you all about it…  We are on a mission.  We finally hit rock bottom with our health and our weight, and we aren’t going to take it anymore.  He will be 50 this summer, in 3 days I am closer to 40 than I am 39, and we have a very energetic 2 year old, plus 3 other kids!  We want to see graduations, weddings and grandkids.  Heck, we want to see baseball, volleyball, dance, basketball and the rest, too!  Britt was truly inspired by David Brown (@1stronger) from the Biggest Loser this season, and that was our very first step.  Soon after the finale, we went to Edmond to see him live, and even got to meet him.  Then, there was the second step…
Biggest Loser cast member David Brown (@1stronger) with Britt, Emma, Betsey and Finn 2/2014
There are a lot of direct sales “health and wellness” things out there.  And I have a lot of friends on Facebook that sell them.  Some days, it’s just overwhelming. I’ve tried a few.  Even back in the archives of this blog you can see things about what I’ve tired.  Some were too expensive; some tasted gross.  Some only had one flavor (BORING!).  Some were overwhelming and confusing.  All of these things cause my ADD to kick in and causes me to shut down.  This is where my AMAZING husband steps in.  He had seen one of our friends posting about ********.  It peaked his curiosity, and he began reading and asking questions.  Next thing I knew, not only were we signed up to be distributors, our ** *** ********* products were on their way!  Time for me to get caught up with the learning curve and find out what we were in for!

Before we even started the ****, we had scheduled a ***** at our house to introduce our friends to the products, offer them the chance to try some ***** (an ******** ****** ***** product) and to learn about the company.  We were so impressed by our mentors who helped arrange and facilitate the *****, we knew this was the right thing for us!  We were 4 days in to the ** *** ********* when we had out meeting.  We had a half dozen folks over to the house, drank some *****, watched some inspirational stories about the products and the company, and told our story.  We are older parents, been overweight for YEARS, and need to get healthy.  We believe in the ** **** *** company, and the products, and we can make a “Plan B” income while we lose weight and get healthy.  It’s a win-win!  We are excited to work with our friends who are interested in doing the same.  The business has really taken off since this party, and the sky is the limit!

So, what is it about ********?  For us, it’s the science behind the products, the support the company gets from the medical, athletic, and weight loss communities, and the PEOPLE!  ******** is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight loss, nutrition, and sports performance products.  I first became familiar with ***** in 2005 when I worked for the Oklahoma State University Athletics department and the Cowboy Football team.  In fact, the person that brought us to ******** was a young lady from my Orange Pride group that I advised during my time there.  That leads me to the next most popular question… What is *****?  ***** is a sugar free, low calorie energy drink that can be used up to 3 times a day.  It enhances mental energy and focus, provides long lasting energy, and fights drowsiness. With 21 vitamins, nutrients, and minerals and only 45 calories, it is infinitely better for you than coffee, soda, or those NASTY energy drinks!  Comes in 8 flavors, and is a best seller.  I started drinking it a few of weeks ago, and I am amazed and completely satisfied with the results. ***** is LOVE! 

So, here we are on day 12 of the ** *** *********.  ½ way.  And again, could not be happier!  I know your next question!  What’s a ** *** *********? It is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program that gives your body the jump start it needs to help you reach your goals.  There is something for everyone: weight management, energy, overall body composition, or overall wellness.  Days 1-10 are a ******* ***** and days 11-24 are the *** *****.  Britt and I both choose the program for weight loss plus energy.  We have to get started, and we need the energy to do it!  Alright!  Now you want to know how it’s going, right?  FANTASTIC.  I haven’t felt this good in a very long time.  I had a very smooth first 10 days.  Britt had a couple of rougher days, and fought a small cold in there, too, but overall such a great experience.  We decided to weigh-in after the** *** *******.  The results? 7 pounds lost for him, 6 for me!  I am down 10 pounds from the first of the year, and I am not stopping!  We feel like we are walking taller, standing straighter, and feeling so much better.  We’re less irritable, more patient with our kids, and generally better people to be around.  This next phase, the *** *****, should really get us some great results.  We took before pictures and measurements.  We have 12 more days until we will reveal those.  Another great thing about the ******** products?  After this **** is over, we will still be drinking our *****, using the **** *********** ******, and using product for our specific needs.  WE WILL LOOSE THE WEIGHT! 

The best part?  We are in this TOGETHER!  This is the fight of our lives – literally.  Our kids need us to be healthy.  We need each other to be fit and well.  We are excited, energized, and DETERMINED.  We found something that works, and it’s something we LOVE!  And the very best part?  We get to share our story and help others. 

If any of this sounds familiar, sounds like something you want to know more about, or you have any questions, contact us.  We would love to help you out.  Or if you want a sample, let us know!  We can get you started on your own road to a better you! 

Stay tuned to the blog for results and updates.  This is a journey, and we’ve only just begun!

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