Friday, May 9, 2014

** *** ********* - and then some!

Just a quick update on our ******** weight loss journey!  After we completed the ** *** *********, we both felt so good, and had made such great progress, there was literally no turning back!  We got more *****, more **** *********** ******, and more *** and just kept going.  We are shopping and cooking in a completely different way.  We are ordering at restaurants by choosing things that fit our new lifestyle.  AND IT IS TOTALLY PAYING OFF!  We feel fantastic!  Lots of people have commented on how skinny Britt is looking these days.  The results are speaking for themselves.

So, you want to know the newest numbers, right?  Although we haven't had an "official" weigh in and measurement session, we both took a peek at the scale today just for grins.  And we liked what we saw!  I am going to be brave and share... Britt is down an amazing 28 (TWENTY EIGHT) pounds.  He will pass my weight soon.  I'm taking that as a challenge to work harder!  And me?  I've lost 19 lbs. NINETEEN! 

With the support of our team, and each other, we are doing this!  And, it's not that "hard.". Every day is a new day.  Every day we make choices.  And the first choice for me each day is to make good choices all day.  I remind myself how far I've come, and where I want to be.  I think the "funniest" part for me is that I feel like I felt 10 years ago, but then I look in the mirror and remember how much work I still have to do.  It just renews me and gets me going again!

It works.  It really works.  I love the support we get from the products.  I have tried to loose weight before, and I can't stick with it.  The products are helping me stay on track, and have GREAT results.  I would love to share details with you - and I know Britt would, too.

We would also love to share with you about the business side of the program, too.  We have had some great growth on our team the past couple of weeks, and would love to have you join us on this awesome adventure as well.  ASK me - I can tell you our story, and you can start yours!  A ** *** ********* is ready and waiting for you!

Edited to add this Instagram from earlier today.  This is SUCCESS to me!
I am super glad to see this day coming to an end. Started off very stressed for several reasons. Then, it was compounded by a puking seven year old. I decided to stay home with said sick child. Somehow, I ended up with the worst migraine I've had in over three years. So, Britt ended up staying with both of us. Here we are at the end of the day, and the best thing that happened? I am felling better, took a shower, AND! I got these wedding rings off my fat fingers for the first time in also three years! #Victory! These #dirty #diamonds are now soaking. I hope to take them to the jewelry store soon for tuneup!  #journey #brave

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