Saturday, August 20, 2016

I get by

This morning, early, I found this picture, opened Facebook, and started typing.  These words are what flowed out of my fingers.  I wanted to add it to the blog for "Safe Keeping" and so I could remember what this morning felt like.  So, here is what I wrote...

Woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed. Looked in the mirror and seem to have aged 10 years in the last 3 weeks. But God (my 2 favorite words, BTW. Listen to Steven Furtick talk about those 2!) showed me once again how blessed I am. Our friends have come from every corner to support Britt and I, listen to us vent and hold us as we cry over the turn of events our family took this month.

Personally, I am overwhelmed, and so thankful! Young Mommas with the "I can't even"s (yea...h, me either!). Moms of my girls peers with the "I couldn't do it"s. And my veteran Mothers, you guys are inspiring. With your "Gods got this" and "Here's what happened to us"s. Dads too. Brothers, Aunts, Childless friends. Everyone. So much support. So much love. So. Many. Tears. I have cried a river. And you guys! You guys built the bridge to get me over it!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not there yet. This is a long bridge. But 2.5 weeks ago all I saw was the abyss. Now I'm on the bridge. Looking over the railing. Absolutely terrified (I've always hated heights - Edges and ledges more specifically) but knowing that I've got the most wonderful friends and support group. Messages, texts, phone calls, visits, hugs, knowing looks, ALL OF IT!

Thank you is grossly inadequate and not nearly enough to express my love, but it's all I've got. So thank you. Thank you ALL! And if I cry when I see you, know it's because you showed me love, and I love you too!

(And if you have no idea what I'm talking about: READ HERE)


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