Monday, July 17, 2017

The One About Lake Life

July 14 - 17, 2017
Another weekend has come and gone.  Seems to be going even FASTER since I am trying to document it!  The weekend, Emma and Lara spent all their time at the lake with their Dad, Step-mom, and her extended family.  Fishing, Sailing, tubing – you know, all the fun lake stuff!  It started a little earlier than the “weekend,” too!  Lara joined Emma out there mid-week, and they stayed through Sunday.

But I was lucky enough to CATCH them for a few hours on Friday night!  My cousin, Jane, and her two kiddos (Ages 7 and 6 – 14 months apart!) are visiting for 2 weeks from New York (Long Island, to be exact).  Those of us not at the lake had a dinner play date with them on Thursday night, where an impromptu trip to the Cushing Aquatic Center was planned for Friday night.  I texted my girls to see if I could come get them and drag them along, and they agreed!

After work on Friday, I drove out to Lake Carl Blackwell and picked Emma and Lara up from their camping location at Pine Grove.  We met up with everyone else, and off we went!  We got there and got settled in, spent less than 20 minutes in the pool, and the lifeguards saw lightning!  OUT OF THE POOL!  We waited out the lighting for about an hour, but just before they let everyone back in, we left since we were already dry.  Back to Stillwater to get the boys in bed, then back to the lake to drop off the girls.  It was a GREAT night despite the changes in plans!

Even though we weren’t together on Sunday, we all learned the same lesson.  The girls attended Life Church in Edmond, while we attended in Stillwater.  It is Week 2 of At The Movies, and the movie we saw was “Collateral Beauty” from 2016.  The clips we saw really made us want to see the whole thing!  Maybe we can do that as a family soon! 

After an evening out in Stillwater with her sister and her friends, Lara finally made it home Sunday evening.  She had a GREAT weekend – Sunburn and all. 

Two funnies – Friday night in the car Emma was telling a story about the road between Mulhall and Guthrie and how they call it Wildcat Curve.  Then she was saying the bridge on that road (which is in bad shape) will be taken out next summer.  To which Lara replies, “That’s a year from now!” And then Britt says, “If they take it out – how will anyone cross the river?”  Probably had to be there, but it was pretty funny.  Then late last night Emma tells me how Lara gave a coin to the barista at Starbucks and said, “Here’s a quarter!”  They guy looked at her and said, “This is a nickel.”  She shrugged and smiled.  Emma said it seems as if this might happen a lot…  J

Here’s to another weekend!

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