Monday, June 24, 2019

The One Where they Took Over Newkirk

June 21-23, 2019

Lara and Emma basically spent the whole weekend together.  This is next to unheard of!  I am proud of them for talking it through and making it work for everyone involved.

But first, there was Friday in Stillwater.  Pioneer Playday, the biggest fundraiser for Pioneer Athletics Booster Club, was held on Friday.  The first day of summer, and the HOTTEST and MOST HUMID day of 2019 so far.  Somehow, we survived.  Sweaty, dehydrated, and almost miserable, but it was a successful day and we came out of it proud of the job we accomplished

Lara was a HUGE helper for all things Pioneer Playday.  Thursday night, since my men were in OKC for AET 2025 training and practice, she was my only car and helper for auction set up.  We drove to the home of the person who collected the items, loaded up her car and several others, then drove to Stillwater Country Club to unload.  Once everything was inside (where there was cool air conditioning!), we began the setup process.  A couple of hours later, we were done and headed home.  Lara was also instrumental on Friday.  If there was nothing for her to do at the Country Club, she was babysitting Finn or helping run errands off-site.  She spent most of the day with Sarah, who was also the Victim" of being a committee member's kid.  They got to drive the gator, so it was a good day!

Thursday Night auction set up

Midday - so hot and sweaty!

Riding in the Gator with Sarah to deliver water around the course

After she was released from her Pioneer Playday and babysitting duties, Lara was off to Ponca City and Newkirk, Oklahoma (population 2,300) to spend the weekend with her sister and her grandpa.  I am not 100% sure what all went one up there!  I know they worked at their grandpa's Napa store in Newkirk for several hours on Saturday - she was compensated with a little cash and a whole tank of gas.  And they stayed at his house in Ponca City - not sure he was ready for the invasion of 2 teenaged redheads!  The girls also saw the movie "Toy Story 4" in Kansas, went to church in Newkirk, and supported the church kids' car wash - where Lara was not super impressed with the job done. She is spoiled by Coulter Car Wash in Edmond!  I also know on Sunday Lara had lunch with her grandma Karen before coming back home to Stillwater.

Of course, Sunday, what seemed like mere moments after her return from Kay County, she was off to dinner and who knows what else with Erika and Kendall for the rest of the evening.  Her summer nannying job start time got pushed back, so she didn't have to be up as early, so she stayed out later than usual.  I never see these crazy kids anymore!  Ah, Summer!

Another weekend wrapped up - here's to the next one!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The One With Father's Day 2019

June 14-16, 2019

Father's Day.  These two spirited redheads are lucky enough to have 2 men in their lives they get to celebrate with.  Traditionally, they spend father's day with their biological father, but this Sunday was extra special because due to the craziness of a teenager's life, we all got to spend a little bit of time with them.  Crazy to think the next time Father's Day rolls around, they will be legal adults.  18 summers just aren't enough.

Saturday was a pretty laid back day.  Hanging out around the house and doing chores and laundry. Lara also spent some time with her friends Erica and Kendall.  Lara had a babysitting gig that night, but that was the only excitement we had.

Sunday morning while the boys and I went to church, Lara's dad picked her up to take on a day of fun.  Emma was with him as well.  I know they went to Oklahoma City, and I know Top Golf was involved.  Other than that, I just know they had a good day and enjoyed time with their Dad.

Back in Stillwater late in the evening, Lara was back at home.  She had not been home very long when Emma showed up at my house and we got to enjoy her company for a little while.  For just a few moments, it was nice to have everyone in one spot.  We even recreated an old photo.

Emma and Lara (and Skye) with their Father

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day 2016

It was late.  I had been asleep on the couch.
But I will do anything for my girls!

Happy Father's Day indeed.  We are less than 50 weekends from them turning 18, graduating high school, and moving on to the next chapter of their lives.  I am so proud of both of them, and cannot wait to see what the next year looks like!

The One With Blues and Basketball

June 7 - 9, 2019

This "weekend" actually started on a Wednesday, as the family loaded up and left out from Stillwater, Oklahoma for a few days in Memphis, Tenessee.  Jake's 2025 AAU basketball team was playing is a big regional tournament on the weekend, so we decided to tack a few days into the front end of that and call it a family vacation.  Luckily, it worked with Lara's Nannying schedule and she was able to come with us!  The weather was pretty miserable the first few days of the trip, and the basketball tournament did not turn out how we had anticipated, but the family time and seeing the sites of Memphis was a blast!  Lots of memories made!  Pictures for DAYS!


Loaded up and headed east on I-40
Ate dinner at Huey's that night, then swam in the hotel pool.
Resting up for a busy Thursday
Thursday (rained. all. day):

From the top of the Bass Pro Pyramid overlooking downtown and the river. In the Rain.
Family Vacation at it's finest!

Found John Lennon on Beale Street

Spread your wings, Baby Girl

The Cutest!

Photo ops!  The kids were glad it stopped raining long
enough to check out Beale Street

Lara and Jake really DO love each other!

Finn was tired of walking.
Lara agreed to carry him on her shoulders...
When it started raining again, we grabbed
Krystal's burgers for lunch and waited it out at the hotel

First BIRD ride!
We had dinner while it was raining at a neat little
Pizza joint called Aldo's on Main Street.
We sat on the covered patio and people watched.
  Then this....
Friday (rain.  more rain.):
Exploring Mud Island
Scale replica of the entire Mississippi River

Family Vacation!
We loved Mud Island and this 4 block trek
following the scale model of the Mississippi River

Lara Bug!

In the Mississippi Delta (replica)

HUGE letters at Mud Island
After this photo shoot, the clouds were back and we
headed back to our car vis the footbridge over the River.
We stopped for lunch at Gus's Famous Fried Chicken
before heading to Collierville.

This train in Collierville town square was our favorite!
We loved exploring it and having a little photo shoot.

So pretty!

Finn saving the damsel in distress.

This mural was awesome!  Depicted the whole town.

Back down to Beale Street for AET 2025 Team Dinner
at Hard Rock Cafe.  Trite, but so fun!
Saturday (GAME DAY!):

Jake's Biggest fans - all decked out in AET gear.
Between games, we headed back downtown

Sun Studios - the first place Elvis Recorded
We took the tour, and Lara posed with the mic so many
rock and blues legends used back in the day!
The boys had gone to Huey's for lunch (Again, but
different location), and brought us to go food to eat in the car. 
We were between games.
Another basketball game, then dinner at
Central BBQ - SO GOOD!
 Sunday (go home day):
So, no pictures in Memphis this day.  We played early
and lost early.  This is lunch at Cracker Barrel in Little Rock, AR
on the way home.

Monday, June 17, 2019

The One Where... Wait, WHAT?

May 31 - June 2, 2019

Earlier this week, we finally got to have Emma's Meridian Technology graduation ceremony.  With all the rain, floods, flash floods and tornado warnings, things kept getting canceled and postponed.  So, we got to have it, just nit with all the fanfare that was originally planned.  So, Tuesday morning, those of us who could get off work or out of prior obligations went to the ceremony and watch Emma graduate from her first year of Precision Metal Fabrication at Meridian Technology Center.  She was also recognized as the top student in her program!  SO PROUD!

Wat yo go, Emma!

Lara started her summer Nannying job back up this week.  But Monday was a holiday.  And Thursday and Friday she was off.  So she babysat for 2 days - got paid for 5!  Life of luxury! LOL!  Jake spent the week at basketball camp, and Friday was the culmination with final games and awards,  Lara got the most excellent position of wrangling Finn during all of this!  If she wasn't babysitting for someone else, she could babysit for me!  They both felt like they spent way too much time in the gyms at the high school on Friday! 

After basketball camp was over, I took Lara to the bank to open her first checking account.  She deposited the rest of her birthday money, her first paycheck this summer, and walked out with a debit card.  Now, to make sure she manages it appropriately!

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy.  It seems like the weeks are hectic and the weekends are chill this time of year.  But we are gearing up for jobs to get busy, mom to start summer classes, and Jake's basketball team to travel all over the place!  Enjoying the peace while we can!

The One With Last Days, Graduation, and a Birthday Party

 May 23-27, 2019

This one starts on Thursday and ends on Monday.  Because, Last day of school, graduation, and a birthday party.  And, this post is 4 weeks late.  That's how busy summer has been!  WHEW!

And because it has been so long, I have some catching up to do.  These may be a bit sparse until I am back to current.  I am just glad I finally have time to play catch up!  It's been a fun month!

Thursday, May 23.  Last day of Lata's Junior Year!  And the rest of Stillwater Public Schools!  I know I had a meal with Lara because there is photographic evidence:

Friday, May 24.  SHS Graduation and Project Graduation afterward.  Britt, Lara and I went to graduation.  Separately.  And sat with different people.  Yet, she ended up 3 rows behind us in the giant confines of Gallagher-Iba Arena!  When the ceremony was over, it was pouring down rain when Graduation was over and the kids were headed to the Colvin Center for Project Graduation.  Somehow, Lara's BFF's mom convinced me to help set up for the event:

This picture does not truly show how water logged we were!

Saturday, May 25.  Emma is up north in Kay COuntry working for her grandpa this weekend.  And those of us in Stillwater spent the day recovering from graduation.  Until it was time for Clay Hatfield's 18th birthday party!  I cannot believe he is EIGHTEEN!  I did not take enough pictures at this fun party!  But, I did get one of the cake and one of Lara and Sarah that I will be in trouble for posting.

I honestly don't remember what we did Sunday and Monday. But, I am hoping we enjoyed some relaxing time and rang in the beginning of summer!

Here's to the rest of the summer getting blogged appropriately!