Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unplugged: Blessed!

Last night’s Unplugged was simply delightful!  (I promise I won’t bore you every week with an update, but last night was so nice!)  There was such joy – in the midst of typical chaos!  We like to start at 5:30, when #1 child gets home from tutoring, and Britt and I are both home from work.  But last night, due to Pre-K enrollment for #3 and a Parent teach conference with #2’s teacher, Britt and I wouldn’t be home until after 6pm.  The babysitters (Nana and Grandpa) were in charge…  I had left a note on the dining room table with a chore for each Twister, and a reminder that Unplugged started at 5:30.  #3 got a bit of a pass from his Nana, as they were having a “date” for Nana’s birthday to watch Tangled on DVD and it was not over at 5:30 (closer to 6:15, even), but #1 and #2 (as well as my dad), were in the living room -- electronics silenced --  reading and doing homework when we got home shortly after 6!  The rest of the night was just blessed!  I even forgot about the $50 bill I seem to have lost – until this morning…

  •  Emma and Lara were SO EXCITED about playing games
  •  You have never lived until you have played Toy Story 3 Yahtzee with a 4 year old!
  • Jake still didn’t quite understand, but there was much less whining!
  •  Although the weather STILL wasn’t nice enough to be outside (30 MPH winds with gusts to 40, and COLD), we found a way to make it work
  • Taco Night!
  •  The girls stayed up 30 minutes past their bedtime, because they wanted to go outside and plant seeds (I let them, but I was NOT going out in that wind and cold anymore!)
  • Jake stayed up 45 minutes past his bedtime – bringing me book after book after book to read to him (and I just let him!)
  • We went to bed sleepy, happy, refreshed, and WEIRD!


  1. Jake is HILARIOUS!! When I would remind him that it was technology-free night ... he would get a sad look on his face and say in a little, pathetic voice ... "I don't wanna plug things in!!"

  2. That's great! This week we wanted to start "unplugged" but .......
    Monday - Scouts
    Tuesday - Scout tour of WFMZ Studio
    Wednesday - Franz has Cigar Guild meeting
    Thursday - Thirsty Thursday and Hollyann is not going to unplugg while watching the boys
    Friday - movies to see Arthur
    Maybe Reagan will win and get his unplugged Saturday!

  3. Great Job Weavers! Our unplugged night will be Saturday evening. :)

  4. Chellie-- I totally get it! That's how ours ended up Monday nights - that is the ONLY night no one has out of the house activities. So, I am sure it will change as the seasons go by!