Sunday, May 8, 2011

What a GLORIOUS Day!

We get to be pampered, spoiled, celebrated, thanked, and loved extra hard today, all because we are a mother to a child (or 3, or 6)! How COOL is that? I want to thank my Mom for all the sacrifices she makes for me and my family so that we can have her in our daily lives. I want to thank her for her advice, her inability to tell jokes, her silliness, her smarts, her good sense, her over-protectiveness, and most of all her TIME. The Five Dream Weavers would be lost without her!

As for me, I started the day thinking knowing I am the LUCKIEST Mom on the planet! I woke up to my 4’0” 50 pound 4 year old MAN CHILD curled up in a ball next to me sucking his thumb. Both bad habits we are trying to break (getting into our bed; thumb sucking), but today, it made my day start out on a perfect note! I immediately got my phone out and texted my mom, to let her know how much I love her.
This day will be tough for her; for all of us. My Mother- and Father-in-Love are coming over for lunch later and we will all meet at my Sister-in-Love’s house. It will be good to be family again. Good to talk, and laugh and eat and ENJOY. But, I am saying extra prayers for my mom today, who is missing a child on this Mother’s Day.
So, here’s a SHOUT OUT to all my Mommy Friends who find themselves “In Tha Muthahood” along with me. Enjoy today! Enjoy your kids, let them be kids; enjoy your husbands, even if his gift is lame; enjoy the extra attention; even if it only lasts for a day. For tomorrow, we go back to being Mom – knower of all things, keeper of all things lost; driver of all carpools, runner of all errands. I love being a Mom!

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