Monday, June 20, 2011

One Baby!

Just got back from my first ultrasound!  All went well, and there is just one baby!  YAY!  S/he is perfect - all in the right place, 2 arms, 2 legs, and a steady heartbeat of 173 BPM.  That was the best part, BTW!  That was a very fast appointment.  I think we were in and out in less than 15 minutes!  The tech was quick, and not chatty, so I guess that's why!

She took a few measurements of the baby, the yolk sac, and my ovaries, found the heartbeat and let us listen to it for like 2 seconds, printed us 2 picture to take with us, then shooed us out the door!  My favorite part was when she pushed down with the wand once, the baby kind-of startled, and I could feel it and see it in the screen!  That was fun!

According to my calculations, I am 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant today.  She measured SHOCKER at 10 weeks 5 days.  That's almost a week off, so I'm not too sure about that.  I am not ready to change my due date yet based on what she did today!  We'll see how the measurements go at the BIG scan in a couple of months.  I get to actually SEE MY DOCTOR one week from today!  :)

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  1. Great news! Glad to read that all is well and healthy. Will continue to pray for Baby Shocker.