Monday, July 25, 2011

Clear the Calendar

This afternoon, I had my regularly scheduled 16 week antepartum appointment with my obstetrician.  Peed in the cup, stepped on the scale, met the nurse in the exam room, she checked the urine and took my blood pressure.  Business as usual.  Then my (AWESOME) doctor walked in, stuck a yellow sticky note on my husband’s forehead and told me “Whatever you have on your calendar for tomorrow is cancelled.”  This was his creative way of telling us that we now have an appointment with the specialist in maternal fetal medicine in Oklahoma City TOMORROW morning (at 7:30 AM – YIKES!  That’s early – an over an hour away!), instead of in 3 weeks as I was originally told on Friday.  While I am SO GRATEFUL for the bit of string pulling that occurred to make this happen, it does make me a bit nervous that we were hurried along so quickly!

The rest of the appointment went well.  We listened to the baby’s heart beat on the Doppler.  Chatted a bit about the last few days and what we know and what we don’t know.  I have not leaked any more fluid, and I have not bled since Thursday.  He said he is much more hopeful now than he was when he got that call from the ER doc early Tuesday morning.  Britt said we have ALWAYS been full of hope, and we will continue to be that way.  I love that kind of boldness!  As long as nothing changes in the next few days, I am cleared for my day trip to Texas for a court appearance in a few days.   My doctor wants to see me back in his office next Monday, just for a little update and to hear the heartbeat, as well as to go over any reports or findings from the appointment with the specialist.

Specific prayer requests: Safe travels for tomorrow – including being able to find the place! LOL!  That the appointment goes smoothly and no one acts put out that I got “squeezed in.”  (I worked in a medical office for 2 years.  I know how this can go…).  That the sonographer can see everything clearly, and the spot on my placenta is greatly reduced in size or GONE!  That the fluid level around Shocker is still appropriate.  And that we are released to go home with few to no restrictions and we can resume a normal pregnancy from this point.  And of course for Christmas to bring us a healthy baby.


  1. You got it girl! Keepin' ya in my prayers.

  2. Hi I am from the Baby center due in Jan. board. Will be praying for your visit to go well tomorrow and for you to have good news. Praying for a miracle for a miracle for your little one. Enjoy seeing him or her on the ultrasound. Do you think you will get to find out the gender. Update when you can.
    Hugs and Prayers
    Rachel in TN