Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

The rest of last week went by relatively smoothly.  I took Thursday off from work to hang out for the LAST day of summer with my kids.  We hung out doing very little in the morning – breakfast, a few chores, board games, puzzles, and of course fights – then we loaded up after lunch and went to see The Smurf movie.  Jake absolutely LOVED it!  The girls really enjoyed it to, but it was so fun to sit next to Jake and hear him exclaim in excitement as crazy things happened up on the big screen!  He was fascinated, and it made me feel like a kid again!  After Dad got off work, he surprised us with another little last day of summer treat – dinner at Eskimo Joe’s!  It was SUCH a nice day, and a great way to cap off summer as we start a new school year.  We got home from dinner, everyone showered, and they were all in bed by 7:40!  WOOT!

Friday was the first day of a new school year.  The girls started 4th grade, and while Lara’s best friend is in her class again, Emma is in a classroom where she knows a lot of the kids, but is not very close to any of them.  Knowing her, that will change quickly.  And Little Jake Weaver is now in Pre-Kindergarten at the Big School with his sisters!  He is my worrier (I won’t even begin to describe the conversation we had about a smoke detector last night), and he was verklempt that he wouldn’t know anyone in his class.  He ended up with 2 other kids from his class at the day care, and another child from a different class at day care that he knows.  He is THRILLED!  And yes, he is a head taller that all his friends…  

The first day went really well.  We were AMAZED at how many parents were there for drop off the first day, and I guess pick up was just as bad.  My mom handled pick up for me, and 2 excited 4th graders + an inexperienced 4 year old + a worrier of a Nana = CHAOS and a phone call to me! LOL!  But, it all worked out.  The first few days are always a mess, but the kinks work themselves out eventually.  Jake did ask about 10 times over the weekend about who was taking him to school each day and who was picking him up, and we have instructed his sisters to work extra hard to show him how things work, so we’ll see how today goes!

The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  I slept most of it away, while my amazing husband cleaned our house, did our laundry, took all 3 kids with him to Wal-Mart to buy our groceries, and basically took up all the slack this baby and I are dropping lately. I did make it to church on Sunday to serve the whole day as Host team Leader with Britt, and I managed to sit a lot of that time – but I did go in to the experience room all 3 times to hear Dana sing Gaga “Born This Way” (and now it is stuck in my head forever!).   It’s hard to “take it easy” with a full time a job, a full time husband, 3 full time kids, and a house to take care of.  Britt feels the brunt of this, and deserves HUGE props for just doing it and not making me feel bad about it at all.  Best. Husband. Ever.

So, here’s to a new week!  The kids go to school all 5 days this week – so about Thursday I expect someone to be crying in the morning.  I go to see the specialist in OKC tomorrow, but other than that there is NOTHING on the calendar this week!  AMAZING!  I want to encourage you to stay tuned to the blog this week!  We will find out if Baby is a “Shocker” or a “Shockerette” on Sunday, and I have a little contest I will be announcing later this week where YOU, my dear reader, can win a fun prize!  Be watching for details!

P.S.  Freakin’ nose bleeds!  UGH!

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