Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Shrinking

I was really hoping for a (relatively) normal week.  I am super busy this week, what with the girls’ last trip to see their dad, dentist appointments, meet your teacher, and the first day of school, but I was anticipating no additional drama.  Boy was I wrong!  Nothing too disturbing, and it was a Monday after all, but it did throw me into a panic for a couple of hours.

I am determined to document as much as I can about this pregnancy.  For two main reasons. First – I have a terrible memory, and this way I can look back and say “Oh yeah!  I was 16 weeks when such and such happened” or “It was around the 3rd month when I started feeling this way.” And second, maybe someday baby Shocker will want to read about this time in his/her life.  I have a journal I kept when I was pregnant with the girls, and this blog encompasses Jake’s pregnancy as well.  So, I have 2 events to record today one minor, and another a little more major.  Plus I had a couple of people ask about baby updates over the weekend, so here we go.

We had a crazy busy weekend.  Saturday, I spent 5 hours in the heat at my sorority house helping volunteer at Bid Day.  I have 81 new sisters, but I also had sore feet, a tired back, and a growing baby to contend with.  Then, as a family, we went to a birthday (pool) party Saturday night.  Then, I tried to rest on Sunday, but I served at church, then we went out to lunch (I took a 3 hour nap), then to my grandmother’s for her birthday.  WHEW!  Tired.  All of this to say that also sometime over the weekend, my baby and my belly “popped out.”  I went to get dressed Monday morning, and I was putting on non-maternity  jeans I had worn mid-week last week and was able to still button, and they were TIGHT and I could not even pull the zipper up more than a half inch!  I donned my belly band and my T-shirt anyway, but it is time to find some maternity pants.  UGH.  My boss mentioned it when I got to work and my mom even noticed when she saw me last night.

But the real drama came on Monday afternoon.  For 2 hours midday, I volunteered at OSU to work a registration table at Welcome Week.  Basically, without going into gory details,  I had some minor baby issues earlier Monday morning, then after my volunteer shift, they got bad enough I believed they warranted a phone call to the nurse.  I called in about 2pm, and then tried to distract myself with work while waiting for a call back.  I finally got a call about 4, saying to come in NOW for an ultrasound.  Britt and I only had one car on campus, and I had not alerted him to my situation.  So, I called him saying, don’t ask questions, I am on my way to pick you up, we are going to the doctor’s office, and I will explain on the way.  Once I got to my car, I called my mom to have her pick up Jake from day care.  Once at the doctor’s office, we got to see Baby Shocker on that wonderful little grey and black screen!  Baby looks great, heart rate is good, fluid levels normal, growing well.  And lo and behold, “The Spot” (that has been causing us some worry and lots of watching) is SHRINKING!  Bold Prayer is WORKING!   The sonogram tech was almost giddy with this discovery.  And of course, so were Britt and I!  We went to our doctor’s office for a few minutes to discuss, but this all seems so good!  I was told to take it easy (again) – and no more weekends like last weekend!  I am to monitor what’s going on, and if it changes or gets worse to call the doctor.  I will see the specialist in OKC a week from today, and I see my doctor here the week after that, so I feel well monitored for the next 2 weeks.

Did you see that?  It’s SHRINKING!  While I am still a medical anomaly, I am so excited to see this problem resolving itself.  God is good – ALL THE TIME!

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