Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sum- Sum- Summertime!

Here we are – 2nd week of June and summer is well under way!  And, it has been over 2 weeks since I sat down to write and update my little corner of the world.  Can you say, BUSY?  That’s what’s been going on in the World of Weavers!  Getting out of school for the summer means getting in to a new routine and for us this year, every few days that routine changes since no one is in formal day care/day camp this summer.  It has proven to be a bit overwhelming at times, and a huge logistics puzzle that requires LOTS of communication between the four adult, car owning drivers we have in our family helping out this summer.  So thankful for my Cozi calendar to help keep it all straight and to text reminders to people!  I’ve only had a couple of meltdowns trying to make sure it is all taken care of… ;)

The past couple of weeks have seen lots of excitement and new things at our house!  The weekend after Memorial Day, we had our first “event” at our new house.  We hosted our LifeGroup in our home – kids and all!  There were 4 families there, which included 10 kids ages 10 to 6 months.  It was a loud, crazy, running around the house, up and down the stairs, chaotic mess – and we loved it!  We had ice cream floats for snacks, and it was a HUGE hit!  Followed that up with 3 intense days of dance recital, and by Monday of the following week, I was WORN OUT.  Dance recital, as always, was a blast.  Lara was in 2 dances – ballet and jazz, while Emma was in one (ballet).  They both did a GREAT job, and I know they had a wonderful time.  (If you are a die-hard dance fan, you can check out the rehearsal pieces on my youtube channel!)  They both enjoy it, and I just love seeing all the costumes, the music, the production!  *sigh* Reminds me of my dancing days years ago…

Speaking of our summer schedule, it has all of the kids involved in LOTS of things to try to keep them busy, and to try to keep my mom (Nana) sane!  We are trying to break the kids up as much as possible, so she only has all four for short periods of time.  She reminds me ALL THE TIME how old she is, and how she’s not a spring chicken anymore, and how she’s already raised her kids! LOL!  Gotta love the Grandma-isms!  But, she is doing a GREAT job – the kids are having a wonderful summer.  The girls have small rolls in an Operetta that will be performed next month, and they rehearse for that formally once a week, and then work on their parts at home as well.  This week, they are also in a morning day camp through the Sierra Nature Club – they have done this for several years now and absolutely LOVE Nature Camp!  We have Jake set up one day a week to go to a friend’s house to hang out with him and his babysitter, too.  He has had fun adventures with this so far – including a trip to the StillwaterPublic Library this week to see the Mad Scientist – which he won’t stop talking about!  It’s a great change of scenery for Jake, and I know his friend is happy having a playmate once in a while, too!  Lara has also started a dance camp this week in the evenings to hone her skills over the summer, and she is LOVING it so far!  She woke up tired and sore, so I know it was good for her!  LOL!  Add to all that T-ball games (which we have several make ups this week due to rain outs), several appointments of various types for Finn and for me (my back is acting up again), a trip to Enid to celebrate a (very) belated Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law, and we are meeting ourselves coming and going!

Coasters I made my Mother and Mother-In-Law for Mother's day.  Instructions:
Did I mention I am back in the A Dee Pi saddle again, too?  Yeah, I can’t stay away too long!  Shout out to my AMAZING husband and the best Daddy in the land as he was single daddy of 4 for almost 24 hours straight as I attended back to back to back summer meetings for my position last Friday evening and almost all day Saturday!  I got the call and accepted a new position within our structure a few weeks ago, so I have a lot to learn again.  Feels good to be back on the board (well, 2 board this time, but I digress…), and back to interacting with our collegiate members.  They keep me young.  And active.  The last event I was involved with last year was Bid Day in mid-August before I was put on strict bed rest – almost a year ago now.  And our meetings this past weekend were all about finalizing plans for Spirit Week, Formal Recruitment and Bid Day.  WHEW!  I can’t wait to see how it all turns out in just a few short weeks!

And for all you Finn Fans out there, here is an update on him as well!  He is by far my smiliest baby – and it shows in all the pictures we take of him!  But, we have not gotten any real belly laughs out of him, yet.  I can’t wait to hear that sound!

But, he has allergies.  Welcome to living in Oklahoma, little buddy!  We took him to the doctor to rule out a cold or any respiratory issues, and allergies are probably what are causing his congestion.  We have added a Vicks steamer to his room (Jake’s too – he’s breathing GREAT!) at night to help with the congestion, and it seems to be working well.  The nights we (OK, *I*) forget to turn in on you can really tell it the next morning.  Despite not being able to breathe, Finn has grown like a WEED lately.  He is still in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing, but he suddenly looks so BIG.  His head has gotten bigger for sure – there are a couple of T-shirts that don’t have the envelope sleeves or snaps on the shoulders that are HARD to get over his noggin!  And his feet are finally growing!!!  His cute little newborn crocheted slippers he got right before Easter were big then, and they are just now getting too small.  But, the size “0” baby shoes at Target and Wal-Mart are still just huge…  I figure another 2 weeks and we’ll have to break out the 6-9 month clothing…  Along with all this growing, he is getting better at sitting unassisted (still in a “tri-pod” pose), and we know he can roll from tummy to back (although we rarely see it), so we offered him some cereal for the first time last week!  Here are some pictures/video of how that went down:

Not bad for a first try!  He’s still not an expert, and it may be a little early yet.  Our pediatrician recommended he be 6 months adjusted age (which would be July 5), but he has been very interested in watching us eat, reached for our food, and got a hold of some applesauce from Jake a few days back and was able to get that in his mouth without thrusting it out with his tongue, so we decided to try.  I also just read that the “old” school of thought was to offer rice cereal first and let them get good with that before moving on to vegetables, THEN fruit – saving meat for later - has been replaced with a more “feed them whatever, whenever” school of thought.  I’m not too sure how I feel about that! I’ve been feeding babies that way for over 10 years!  LOL!  Plus, we have this whole box of rice cereal to get through…  Anyway – we’ll stick with rice cereal once a day for now, then maybe I’ll get adventurous with some fruits and veggies (not sure in what order, though…)

Father’s day is this weekend, and I am looking forward to honoring my amazing husband and my hardworking dad.  I don’t have any cute Pinterest projects to produce for them.  My dad is next to impossible to buy for, so he will probably get cards from the kids and I.  But my husband, I have the perfect (in my mind – this has turned disastrous for me in the past.  Apparently, I am not a great gift giver when it comes to my husband) idea in mind for Britt.  I can’t wait to take the kids shopping Saturday morning (nothing like the last minute!  It’s hard for a working mom to get things done…)!  I hope he likes it!  And Honey, if you’re reading this, just fake it if not, OK?  ;)


  1. Who says you aren't a great gift giver when it comes to your husband?

    Come on now!!!

  2. Ha ha ha! Do you not remember the BBC "Planet Earth" DVD debacle from Christmas a few years ago??? I guess the wedding ring for Father's Day made up for that, though. And then the surprise from our "Honeymoon" last year...