Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday Night Date Night

Britt and I are going through the Family ID workshop with some other couples from our LifeGroup, and part of our homework this week was to go on a date night.  And to make sure it happened for everyone, our leaders had us do a “babysitting exchange” before we left group Sunday night.  That way, everyone got a chance to go out, everyone got free babysitting, AND it was already on the calendar! NO EXCUSES!  NO BACKING OUT!  So, last night, we packed up our 4 kids and took them to another family’s home while we went out on our date for a “Private Drive In” experience.

I am pretty proud of my creative date night idea, which really turned out to be a lot of fun!  We don’t have money to spend on a date night like a dinner and a movie right now, but we also knew just going to our house to watch a rented movie would mean we would get engrossed in our phones or laptops or tablets, get up 100 times to do this or that, and generally be distracted by our surroundings.  So, I came up with a fun little (cheap) idea for a date night – a “Private Drive In.”  I rented a movie from Red Box, grabbed my laptop, told my husband to pick a to go dinner for us to eat, and we set out for our adventure. While trying to decide the perfect spot to watch our movie as it was super-hot outside (103 hot!), we decided we needed a place with some built in shade.   After a Sonic stop, we decided the best place to have our drive in move was on a middle level of a parking garage on campus.  That way it would be shaded enough to see the screen, and hopefully a little cooler!  We found a good spot where the sun wasn’t going to obstruct our view on the highest covered level of the structure, parked, put the movie in, and dove in to our food. About 1/3 of the way through our movie, the REAL entertainment for the night began…

We had finished eating, the story was well under way (we were watching Joyful Noise), and we were having a very nice time.  When, we heard some very loud rumbling from behind us.  Earlier in the evening, we had seen 2 pick-ups loaded with “stuff” in the back head up to the top level of the garage.  I had wondered what they were up to – even thought it might be a cookout.  But, we were about to find out just who and what they were doing.  As the rumbling got louder, we were both turning our heads trying to see what it was and where it was coming from.  When they came into view coming down the ramp from the top level of the garage…  6 – 8 of them…  College Students…  On various wheeled apparatuses… Dressed in full costumes from Mario Brothers!  It was truly a sight to behold!  Mario and Luigi were in rolling office chairs.  Toad riding the back of a grocery cart.  Princess Peach – in a full length pink tutu - on a small red Radio Flyer tricycle.  Donkey Kong (in a full gorilla costume with a neck tie.  In this 103 degree heat!) in a yellow garden cart with big wheels.  And Yoshi perched atop a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car!  They even had a red box with a question mark painted on it that they were aiming for!  The first time we were simply shocked and amused.  We watched them push their carts back up the parking garage ramp, and ready themselves to do it again.  The second time, we really laughed with them – this was hilarious!  Somewhere around the 3rd, 4th or 5th trip down, we got out our phones to film it and a camera to take pictures.  We were trying to remain a bit inconspicuous, although they probably didn’t care one way or the other if we documented it!  One girl’s sole job was to capture it all on film!  So, here is what we got:

We retold the story when we went back to our friends’ house to pick up our children.  The wife said, “This kind of thing would only happen to you guys!”  So true!  If you are scouring youtube and come across more footage, please be sure to share it with us.  We had a blast living vicariously through them, and it made for a date night we will never forget!  And, we will probably try the private drive in thing again.  It worked out really well – once Mario and his friends quit rumbling down the ramp! And aside from the noise pigeons who call the garage home…

Later in the week we take on all the other kids from the group in our home so the other couples can get a date night in.  We think we’ll have about 13 kids in our house.  Should be LOUD!

Edited to add: I made a follow up post - WITH VIDEO PROOF!

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