Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting Back Together

It’s halfway through November, and as I sit here listening to the 80’s Christmas Playlist on Spotify (Hall & Oats, New Kids on The Block, Air Supply, RUN DMC, etc.), memories of my first Thanksgiving dinner of the season last night with my LTC LifeGroup still fresh on my mind, I realize I have so VERY much to be thankful for, and this year is going by at WARP SPEED!  How can Jake be almost 6?  And when did Finn get to be so independent in into EVEYTHING?  My girls? Forgetaboutit!  So grown up and more beautiful every day!  WOW!  And, um, 39 days till Christmas?  WHAT????

Well, we have been a little busy at our house.  Life with 4 kids is never, EVER dull.  Like, ever.  Since October 12, we have had 1 ER visit, 5 Urgent Care visits, 4 sick (and 1 well!) visits to the pediatrician, and I have filled 9 prescriptions (not counting the daily meds Emma and I take). That's a LOT of co-pays! We're broke. And tired.  I can say I think we are on the downhill slide.  We are down to 2 still on Rx medication.  One will be done this weekend, and the other by Turkey Day.  We actually got a full nights sleep (!) last night.  Things are looking up!

Besides all that, here are some tidbits about what ELSE has kept the Six Dream Weavers hopping:

The kids’ book fair at their school as last week.  On Thursday night, they had family fun night with pizza and singing.  Each grade, plus the Rocketeers honor choir, got to perform on stage.  Here is a video of my kids and parts of their performances.  My camera ran out of memory, so the end is kind of choppy!

Britt and I chaperoned a sorority date party Friday night.  In a barn.  With a dirt floor.  And a Rubbermaid table posing as a bar.  And a DJ whose speakers blew before the party even started.  And a port-a-potty.  There was a cattle dog, horses, and a very friendly cat (yuck!) among us.  Yeah.  I’m not kidding.  Here are my tweets:

It was something I will never, ever forget.  Like, ever.  (You see what I’m doing here, Taylor Swift?) I felt so dirty when I got home…  Ahhhh, memories!
Fixed a problem with advice from this Pin on Pinterest.    Finn has become a woodchuck.  This shows how I repurposed his crib skirt that we are no longer using since we lowered the mattress:

Had a bad experience at the eye doctor.  Vented about it on Facebook.  Feel better, but still have no contacts…

Today, I attend my last Ambassador training class at OSU.  Thank goodness!  2 years in the making.  Ready for a break!
Saturday is World Prematurity Day.  Many people don’t realize the statistics of preterm birth: 15 million babies are born preterm around the world every year—that’s 1 in 10. More than 1 million babies die due to complications of preterm birth and many of those who survive face a lifetime of disability. Our family will be participating in this:
                        We invite you to join us! 

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