Friday, July 26, 2013

WalMarts of Stillwater

I posted a status update on Facebook a little while ago.  It has gotten several likes and a handful of comments.  One friend suggested us calling the managers to let them know how frustrating it is this time of year when they seem to "forget" the population of our sleepy little summer town is about to DOUBLE in a matter of days.  So, I am here to help!

My Post:

Dear Wal-Mart(s) of Stillwater - 
THIS IS YOUR WARNING! The kids (OSU students) start coming back in droves this weekend. Greeks are moving in to get ready for fall events. The next week is sorority recruitment. Then Welcome Week for Freshmen. They will need stuff. LOTS of stuff. The rest of us will still need groceries. PLEASE staff accordingly!!!!!!!!!! Have more than 4 check-out lanes open. THANK YOU! 
A year round resident of this college driven town for the past (almost) 40 years.

Our Wal-Mart Locations:

Walmart Supercenter
4545 W 6th Ave
Stillwater, OK 74074
STORE PHONE: (405) 707-0744
Walmart Supercenter
111 N Perkins Rd
Stillwater, OK 74075
STORE PHONE: (405) 372-2897 
Let's do this!  Take a moment, call your favorite Wal-Mart store (or both!), and remind them this place is about to "blow up" as the kids would say...  It will help us all...



  1. Hi Betsey
    I found your blog from this Walmart thing on FB. I live in Stillwater too. I know Walmarts will both just be crazy come Aug. 1st.
    My plan for groceries is switch my shopping to Aldis when it opens Aug 15. You can't buy everything at Aldis but most all basic food items are there.

    I knew Britt years ago, almost 20 years ago, when I worked a front desk position at the plasma center. He was one of few nice people that worked there and I am happy for him to read he now is a happily married husband and dad..

  2. Hi Rhonda! Good hearing from you after all these years!!

    - Britt