Monday, August 19, 2013

March of Dimes March for Babies 2013 UPDATE

It's hard to believe we are only 40 days away from the 2013 Stillwater March for Babies!  We are working with our committee to raise corporate and business sponsorships, but our family team has set a LOFTY goal, and we need your help to get there!  This banner shows we have raised $195 of our team's $1575 goal.  (In honor of the 75th year of March of Dimes, we chose a number ending in 75.)  WE HAVE SUCH A LONG WAY TO GO!

So, here's a couple of ways you can help us get there!

**Go donate on line!  We have a secure Page through March of Dimes called Finn's Fans.  They make it super easy!  Every donation makes a difference.

**Buy a Finn's Fans T-shirt!  Click HERE for the link to the sign up page or HERE for full T-shirt details.  The more shirts we order, the price goes down, and the donation to the March of Dimes goes UP!

**COME TO BUNCO FOR BABIES THIS THURSDAY NIGHT!!!  There is a $15 entry fee, and all proceeds go to help Team Finn's Fans raise their donations!  There will be snacks, drinks, swag bags (door prizes), and cash prizes for winners of the games!  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - I WILL TEACH YOU!  You don't want to miss this!

click for larger version of flier

We are going to have another fun get together fund raiser here in a couple of weeks, too.  I'll keep you informed on that one as the date gets closer!

As the 2013 Stillwater Ambassador family, we really want to work hard and meet our goals!  Will you please consider helping us? With YOUR sponsorship and participation in the 2013 Stillwater March for Babies on Saturday, September 28th, we can help the helpless and address the problems that cause prematurity, birth defects and infant mortality. In addition to sponsorships, we are always looking to expand our teams! If you are interested in learning how your company can form your own walk team, we can help you with that as well. I hope you will not pass up this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families.

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