Monday, July 29, 2013

Get Your T-shirt HERE!

The countdown is finally on!  Things are coming together for the Stillwater 2013 March of Dimes March for Babies, and Finn's Fans are in fundraising mode!  First up?  T-SHIRT SALES!  Followed soon by a thirty-one gifts party, a Bunco for Babies night (which I need help with!  ANYONE?), and maybe another food night at a local restaurant!

We (Betsey) have changed the design a few times over the past couple of months to get it *just right.*  Then, we couldn't decide on colors!  We are a colorful crew, so it is hard to pick just one!  So, we voted.  And a winner was declared.  That means, NOW IS TIME TO ORDER!  We have chosen to use as our vendor, and are using their sign up system to create the order.

        Easy, right?  Now, to answer all those pesky FAQ's...

How do I pay for my shirt?
*You can Pay by cash/check in person to Britt or Betsey before 9/6/13
*You can pay by paypal to before 9/6/13
*You can call Betsey with a credit card payment

How will I get my shirt?
*If you need shipping, please add $6.00 to your payment and provide me with shipping address information
*Local shirts will be distributed the week before the March
*If we don’t get it to you before the March, you can pick it up there – September 28, 9:00am, on the Oklahoma State University campus at Theta Pond!

I want to be involved! How do I get on your team?
*EXCELLENT question!  You can go to our Team Website at March of Dimes and sign up to be a Finn Fan!
*All the tools you need to get started are right there on the website
*Join us in our goal to raise $1,575.00 for the 75th Anniversary of March of Dimes

This is a lot of great information, but I still have questions!  Now what?
*Feel free to comment here on the blog
*Call, text, Facebook, Tweet, Pin, Instagram or whatever! We will answer you!

     We have been honored by the March of Dimes by being named the 2013 March for Babies Ambassador Family for the Stillwater, Oklahoma event.  Our family is so grateful for the work this organization does to help moms and babies and we are so thankful for the research that has helped OUR miracle son Finn thrive and grow into the toddler he is today.  We are blessed to have your help along with journey, and challenge you to get involved and do all your can for the sake of healthy babies and families.  

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